To Become Everything. What Ego Death Means and Why It’s Important

To Become Everything. What Ego Death Means and Why It’s Important Posted on January 03rd, 2011 by in Spirituality with [fetching…]

Ego death is a natural part of psychedelics; in fact it’s almost the reason for doing them. Ego death is the sensation of real death itself, and it sheds you to your intrinsic features and values. Everything that you know to be known in the material world fades away.

So why would one want this? It’s a clean slate of life. The very first ego death experience is undoubtedly scary, and some people become really distressed by the experience. Most people, though, see it as a new start. It’s a new beginning, in more ways than one.

Can you tell me more about what it is?

Ego death is an experience that can only be experienced on a medium to high dose of a psychoactive chemical. Nearly all intoxicants can trigger ego death, but not all of them do it properly. An alcoholic ego death is simply painful and short-lasting, while a psychedelic ego death is forever lasting.

Ego death will happen once your consciousness is separated from your senses, for the ego holds onto these senses as if they were the only reason to live. Once your consciousness is separated from your senses, your brain naturally believes that it has no body and seems to let go of all material needs. You are either conscious of this action or not depending on the dose.

If you’ve taken a low/medium dose it is almost up to you to “let go” of yourself and let the ego death happen. This is very difficult but it is truly an enlightening experience. You have to accept death itself and let go of everything you love: your wife, husband, children, worldly possessions and everything else. In this area, you don’t realize that it’s not necessarily real death because the experience is incredibly real.

Your vision starts to fade in and out, as if it were death, you forget who and where you are and you either let it happen or hang onto the invisible threads that you have in your life. Hanging on is, indeed, a natural instinct, but it is also a natural mistake. Hanging on makes everything very scary because you are making the death more real than it really is.

Once you let go of yourself you are then taken into absolute nothingness, for a very split second, and you have neither vision, smell nor hearing. After that split second you are then forced to open your eyes to the world before you as you had “left it”. You realize quite a bit here at this moment and it is a beautiful thing to grasp.

After that, you have to re-remember your name and the things (mainly morals) that you hold onto. You can choose from here, very solidly, to permanently alter your consciousness to believe in certain ways. Or you may go back to autopilot and take the experience as it was. Your choices really do manage your reality here.

If you have taken a higher dosage, however, the experience is far less dramatic and much more automatic. You will not be able to deny death, and you are taken into death in a natural and fast pace. You stay in the void for the peak of the trip and are able to experience hyperspace and all that there is — impossible and possible.

Can you ego death more than once?

Yes, but the first is always the most “important” because it is embedded into you for the rest of your physical life. Ego deaths following the first slowly becomes less and less dramatic, but it is always just as refreshing.

Experiencing ego death once a year, or every few months, is a great way to keep yourself “in check” and to stay on the right path. The ego is useful for only short periods of time, and the ego tends to get in the way if left untamed for too long.

You cannot, however, ego death more than once in a trip. You can ‘feel’ as if you are ego deathing more than once in a trip, but it is not the same experience. Ego death is a one-time thing per trip, and the first encounter with ego death is an incredible pivotal point of your life.

What should I do after ego death?

It is often first thought that one should simply continue on with their lives as it was before the ego death. But ego death shows you a lot about you to yourself. You will realize everything bad and everything good about yourself from the day you were born. You will know everything about you — all that was hidden in the subconscious has now surfaced.

You should consider changing your life if ego death was a difficult task for you, or if you did not like what you had learned about yourself. Changing ones life takes true patience and diligence, but it is entirely mandatory for self-evolution. Ego death is simply chapter 1 of becoming the person that you truly desire to be.

Let ego death change your life and go with it. It is a gift from life itself, you should be grateful to have experienced it. Do not be frightened, scarred or shamed. What you see about yourself is perfectly fine, for there is no good nor bad. Simply accept ego death in both the short and long run. You’ll be outstandingly glad that you did.

It is important

We firmly believe that ego death is a necessity in becoming whole as a human being. We have seen lives turned around 180° and living life to how they have always wanted to in a happy, sustainable way. We have seen many people’s awe of the enlightenment that this experience gives you.

Without ego death we are potential slaves to the mask that covers our face in everyday life. The ego is important, but it is not important enough to let it guide your very life. Consider ego death if you want a fresh start and/or a deep cleansing of the soul.

Have you, reader, experienced ego death or would you like to? What was it like? Why would you want to do it?

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  1. swamy_g says:

    I would like to add that ego death can also be a prolonged experience. Lasting years sometimes. It can be sometimes be a slow experience which is usually called the “Dark Night of the Soul”. It will be a phase where you will be subject to fear, anxiety, confusion, depression etc. In the middle of it you would have experienced ego-death, but that is only half the process. After the ego has died, you will go through a processes of de-personalization and would like to just withdraw from life. This is when one should pull oneself together and resurrect the ego, but this time with all the knowledge and experience it has gained from its own death. The ego should be made aware of its fleeting existence but nonetheless you should cherish your ego. Assert it. That is the only way you can feel strong. But this time the feeling of pride in you will also be combined with the virtue of humility. Cherish this duality.

    • Anonymous says:

      Indeed and well said. It is a challenge afterwards, it almost feels like insanity. But you keep going because you know it’s worthwhile. You have to take control of your ego and use it as a tool, because the society we live in requires it.

      Post-ego death is incredibly challenging because you’re thrown right back into “reality”.

      • swamy_g says:

        I completely agree when you say “the society we live in requires it”. From one’s career to relationships, everybody respects to a certain degree, a person who is in control of his/her ego. Some people who don’t know how to tame it, become total jerks/assholes and others who just let go of it, get pushed to the backseat. Living life in the city is akin to walking on a tightrope, but you get good at it with age and the wisdom that comes with it.

    • Rapturous_visitant says:

      I cherish your words, they truly just helped me. ??

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  5. RRainbow says:

    There was a time when my head was filled with many ideas crafted with seemingly very correct words. Disillusioned with all that my own mind decided to see, one of the most transforming parts of my ego-death experiences has been an acceptance of the futility of language. Here we all are, plastering all the gaps with apt concepts and ideals, blank to the everlasting ‘is’ness of everything. It is one thing to know the world through your own words, something else entirely to find your words strewn amongst the world enrapturing your being.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, absolutely. Words are just manipulated sound, put onto paper and we fully believe they exist. It has its uses, but it falls short of useful in a meaningful connection.

  6. Chip1956 says:

    Well Bla, bla, bla….

    Nobody here even sees the stupidity in the reasoning?
    ‘A gift from life itself’??? What, by using fabricated chemicals? Come on folks, get a grip!

    So many contradictions, this writer was definitely on something and the only sense it was improving was his nonsense.


    • Anonymous says:

      Why do you say that? Could you elaborate?

    • indigo thunder says:

      I don’t prefer the fabricated chemicals, I prefer the natural ones like mushrooms or peyote. If you consider those to be fabricated chemicals, then aren’t you also made entirely of fabricated chemicals? What are chemicals? Aren’t they just the expression of the arrangement of different atoms? And what are atoms? Quantum physics is finding that atoms aren’t actually particles, they’re really just waves of energy, and that the application of consciousness has the ability to affect the structure and behavior of those waves. So in essence, nothing really exists at all, yet at the same time everything in ‘all that is’ exists simultaneously. The key is whatever our consciousness experience happens to be is what creates our ‘reality.’ If you see this is ‘stupidity’ and ‘reasoning’ (a contradiction, by the way), then that is YOUR ‘reality,’ but if you allowed yourself to be released from your ego (the construct of the mind that anchors you to THIS physical ‘reality’) you would be able to perceive a much more vast universe of potential realities. The idea is not to ‘get a grip,’ but to find the courage to not need to hold on.

    • Guest says:

      hello troll….

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  8. Troy says:

    Great to see some brave truth seekers out there! I cannot recommend this web-site highly enough if you want to learn more about ego death and the ego death process. You will thank me!

  9. Ofwgkta says:

    My ego death never went away it stayed with me for almost a year now and during this year me and my friends thought weed would help it go away ,it made it worse I smoked weed about 3 times since I had my ego death and each time got worser and I started drinking and it made it even more worse so I’m living day by day scared cause I’m only 16 and my state of mind is not the same at all it messed up and I just want to go back to normal I don’t understand why me who got it and idk I’m scared to let go of everything and accept death cause death is one of my greatest fears like to be honest when I was first reading this I started crying cause I don’t want to accept death and how would I know if this would even work so letting go of every body and everything all for nothing idk what to do now my ego death is getting worse everytime I fall asleep and wake up please help me, please

    • Admin says:

      You can contact me if you need my personal help/ advice at

      Our team have experience with such situations.


    • George says:

      Death has been a subject that everyone avoids. It’s inevitable, so why not embrace it. Maybe even be excited about it. After all if the “witness” remains and eth is energy you’ll never die. Even if this is false and nothing happens, you won’t know that your dead. So it’s a win win situation.

      Whether it’s ego death (die before you die) or what you perceive as your physical body ending, what’s the problem? It will come sooner or later anyway. I’d change your perspective to one of reverence and excitement. This may change “your” life for the better! Socrates being a beautiful example.

    • Madison says:

      You posted this a long time ago but I thought I’d try and reach out and tell you that I hope you’re doing better. I know the exact place you were in and I hope you were able to make it through it.

  10. troy davies says:

    Please send me your email address so I can communicate with you via email.

  11. Troydavies says:

    You are going through a “schizophrenic self-control seizure”, as long as you see it as a “problem” to be cured you cannot be helped. You are going through a cognitive phenomenological PROCESS that MUST be rationally/intellectual understood and comprehended in order to transcend it. Send me your e-mail address – I can help you.

  12. Troydavies says:

    I don’t know if you have been trying to communicate with me but just to let you know if you have been trying to – I haven’t received any e-mails from you to my personal e-mail account, not in my “junk mail” either. You might want to try sending from a different account.

  13. Troydavies says:

    I don’t know if you have been trying to communicate with me but just to let you know if you have been trying to – I haven’t received any e-mails from you to my personal e-mail account, not in my “junk mail” either. You might want to try sending from a different account.

  14. Gewhiza says:

    I experienced ego death two days ago…. I felt so pathetically human and vulnerable afterwards, just putting all the pieces together still such a beautiful experience. Thank you for writing this article

  15. Kears10 says:

    Is there someone I can talk to further about this on a more personal level?

  16. Wmaarten says:

    i had a bizarre experience on Hawaian mushrooms when i was 17 it must have been some emotional and existential pain that triggered some dissociation in which i sunk into the floor (like the scene in trainspotting if someone remembers) and i found myself lying in there with a glass cover over me it looked just like a grave, and i was out of my body cause to the people around me i looked unconscious they couldn’t see me move my arms nor hear me. It was a terrible experience and life afterwards has never been the same. Could this have been my ego-death? I do remember the solving of my ego during other trips and the feeling of becoming one with the environment but these were always rather pleasant to experience. Nevertheless i still wonder about what being buried during a trip repressents, about how painfully distracting it was and why it happened to me, and i’m not even gonna start about all the negative effects i experienced afterwards. Perhaps anyone had a similar experience?

    • Wmaarten says:

      it must have took me several years to ‘wake up’ from this since I didn’t know who i was anymore and it made me forget almost everything i knew before. This would normally happen only during the actual trip? since i felt like this from the next day on. i also started self-medicating myself with a lot of drugs afterwards, they like made me come back in touch with my self. Nobody has ever giving me valuable remarks on what to think about this, so i would be glad if someone still could…

    • Louis Brewer says:

      When I experience ego death. I thought I was going crazy, I wanted to know who or what I was, suddenly I was brought back to before creation then I realized .

  17. Brandon says:

    I have experienced this multiple times. This happens to me each time I smoke a generous dose of Salvia extract. The strangest part with each of my ego death experiences not on saliva is that they are invoked by a word trigger. The ego death I experience on saliva is the “automatic” ego death you refer to in this post. It overtakes me and I accept it willingly but unknowingly, just without a fight. I didn’t even acknolwedge it as “ego death” when I first experienced it, because it was so rapid in my mind. I would blackout for what seemed like an eternity but to others around me would be 10-15 minutes. This eternity would also seem to pass in an instant in my mind, with my return leaving me not knowing who I was, what I had done, or where I was…no ego. For years I tried to explain that feeling to people to gain some insight as to what it is. I didn’t figure out that it was ego death until research into my experience with the feeling when it occurred on a moderately heroic dose of LSD.

    The odd part about my ego death experience on LSD, as i mentioned before, is that it was triggered by the word “salvia”. My friend spoke of his salvia experiences while we were tripping, and IMMEDIATELY when he said the word salvia, I was shot into oblivion, for a period of time that seemed like an eternity to me but was maybe 4 or 5 minutes. I would come to with my friends telling me it was OK and to calm down. The same thing that would occurr on salvia when i returned. I would have to ask them who I was, what was going on, and why the fuck the leaves were changing into geometric patterns.

    Now, you stated that this experience seems only to occurr one time during a psychedelic trip at full potential. However, during my LSD trips (even to this day) just saying the word salvia (myself or someone else) will send me into this state of supreme consciousness. Although I have understood this phenomena for a while, no matter how many times it happens during a trip I am still engulfed in the sheer feeling of terror that comes from my ego and spirit’s constant need for eachother in order for survival on this plane of existence.

    Another weird thing is that at the end of my LSD trip in which I first experienced this salvia-triggered ego-death, while feeling almost none of the effects of the acid (no visuals, slight euphoria, but definately experiencing an afterglow) somebody said the word salvia in the other room, (and they talking about what had happened to me when they said it earlier in the day) and I immediately experienced ego death again, however this time It was shorter and slightly different.. Hope you guys enjoyed this little trip

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  20. bob says:

    Sounds great, but obtaining psychoactive drugs seems to be futile. LSD has all but vanished, and I used to use it quite often in my 20’s and ABSOLUTELY experienced ego death the time I took 2 doses together of blotter, also had a really heavy experience with purple microdots, which also appear to be out of existence. The ‘war on drugs’ has only produced an environment where the only drugs available are hard narcotics like coke and heroin. Maybe I’m just not in touch, but it seems impossible to obtain these. Any ideas?

    • Brandon says:

      Yea, it is definately harder than it used to be. I’m still in my twenties and just a few years ago finding real LSD and not some research chemical was pretty easy. Now it seems like 25i and the 2c varieties are dominating the market. It all depends on where you live and the circle of friends you have, my brother. But if you live anywhere near san fran or Santa Cruz I hear its relatively easy. Search for the squirrel, ask the right person and theyll know who he is. PEACE and goodluck

      • George says:

        I’ve not yet done any psychedelics, but ego death seems to be also initiated after years of intense psychological suffering. I find it fascinating to see that it can be induced and perhaps “permanently” by use of nature. It could potentially save someone whose been in a chronic state of misery anxiety and depression. I guess suffering doesn’t need to be our only teacher!

    • Larf says:

      LSD is very easy to make.

  21. AJ Snook says:

    I really like the site and would like to contribute. I tried using the submit tab but it didn’t seem to work. AJ Snook ( and

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  23. jac says:

    Smoked sum k2 warp factor 9. Only did it a few times but each time had seizures & experienced a horrific, scary ego trip. I feel like the ego trip was me actually dying. Just remember coming 2 like i was in another world 4 years.
    The last time i experienced this i came back 2 reality with vomit everywhere totally alone. I think i had a fit and died. Pure luck im still here 2 write this.

  24. lucas says:
    Mine happened about 6yrs ago.. and i seem to have lost my wanting to live and learn..and love myself… and most people i used to love. Is it to late..?

  25. joshua Michael doucette says:

    I would love to expierience this but I feel as if my religious views can turn this into a bad trip.

  26. Youssef Radwan says:

    It was perfect but after the peak which felt like a normal good trip cuz i was hippyflipping .. It felt weird and i thought that i was actually dead and didnt notice enough about myself i guess.. Didnt even notice it was an ego death! That was dumb. For dancing like a ninja with earphones to sitting down staring at the ceiling not knowing where or what i am

  27. Jen says:

    I just had an experience where I couldn’t even remember what human beings looked like. All there was was a voice. I tried to remember what I looked like or what my name was and I had nothing. It was a feeling of oneness and realization that behind everything that has made whomever who they are today is the same person.

  28. Billiam says:

    I experienced a type of ego death almost year ago from psilocybin. It was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced because I held on to my ego with all my might. I have been struggling for the past year to understand why I am so incredibly uncomfortable after this experience. I have also had many profound realizations about my life during this time. It’s like the ego death was prolonged over time. It has changed my life in many ways, some good, some bad. If anyone out there (Troydavies, if you’re still checking this forum out?) can supply some guidance:

  29. Baptiste says:


  30. Outlaw says:

    I had one of the weirdest experiences of my life I was camping with three of my closest friends and experienced ego first I felt like I was going crazy and walked for miles talking to my self then it happened everything became silent the stars were more vivid my breathing slowed down and everything I’ve ever known started to fade it was almost like the universe was letting me feel what it was like to die ..the worry about money,family life it’s self was gone and it was terrifyingly beautiful at that moment I accepted it and kept muttering to my self I’m dead and smiled it sounds really weird but it was the most blissful feeling I’ve ever experienced almost explained To me that this is not the end of the journey just that we are in a human experience experience did a complete 360 when I started actually worrying about going not because I didn’t want to die but what my friends and family would feel if I were to leave at just the age of 23 ..I thought I was getting cpr by my friends on the campsite during this whole experience..i started to almost purge and felt like every step I took dmt was wearing off in my brain and every step I took I was getting weaker I started screaming like a gladiator as if it was the last time I would scream and just sprinted thinking I was gonna awake too my friends giving me cpr it was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through I ended up jumping off a minor cliff hahahah and seen my best friend at the bottom in my head I thought once I jumped I would wake up lol but the reality was I was just tripping balls ..when I seen my friend I started crying and just let everything out about life especially me loving his sister which was weird because I felt like it was the last time i would ever speak to him but she was the only thing that came to my mind in that moment ..when I got back to the fire he was playing guitar and my other two friends were around the fire I kept thinking I was dead and we were just free souls I kept asking them am I alive am I alive and to remind me because I couldn’t feel or grasp what life was anyways it was the most magical scary experience of my life but I feel like a different person for the better forsure I just hope I can stay on a positive path and keep it going anyways had to share because it was the gnarliest most blissful honest experience I’ve ever had ..i just have to make sure I use this as a positive outlook to better myself.

  31. Ash says:

    “Ego death is an experience that can only be experienced on a medium to high dose of a psychoactive chemical.”

    I think this is a big misconception. I’ve experienced Ego Death multiple times entirely sober it is definitely possible. I have also had numerous experiences of encountering this headplace while on tryptamines and rare mesculine derivatives amongst others so I know what it precisely feels like. It absolutely can be experienced sober.

  32. Rae says:

    Ego death does not ONLY occur from the use of drugs. It can occur through spiritual practice. A true ego death means the ego never arises again. A temporary one only shows the possibilities. It’s very unlikely one can get a true ego death, meaning the permanent ego death, through drugs. I’m not against entheogens but felt it important to clear up misconceptions. If you are really interested in ego death look up Ramana Maharshi. He had a permanent ego death at the age of 16. He lived until the age of 70 as pure unconditioned undifferentiated consciousness with no ego whatsoever. Eckhart Tolle also had permanent ego death at the age of 29 and he is now 68. Both of these people had virtually no background in spirituality and were not taking drugs nor even seeking ego death.
    From a scientific perspective, the default mode network of brain function is known to be the ego. When activity does not occur in the default mode network, the ego is not experienced. This condition is considered rare. Here is an article:

    There are more out there but these few mentioned are good places to start if interested in finding out more.

    I experienced the ego drawn into what looks like a vortex or black hole. This occurred spontaneously although there has been spiritual practice for many years. This ego dispossession lasted approximately three days. There was a profound peace, bliss, wholeness, abundance. Words are wholly inadequate to describe. I knew the Totality, the One. There was much knowing but I found that most people really aren’t interested in knowing about the truth of who we are, Consciousness itself. People are more interested in how to make their ego stronger, lol.
    The ego came back and took over the mind but couldn’t take over completely. This was four years ago.
    There is much I can say on this topic but will end there.

    • Kai A says:

      It seems we have had really similar experiences. If you are ever inclined I would love to speak more about this with you. My email is

      I know the complete bliss and wholeness you are talking about, the pure, unconditional love. I lived in that state for almost 2 months. Through meditative practice I experienced ego death.

  33. Chris says:


    After my ego-death finally occurred, I felt like I had returned to the source– and
    for some reason, after what was probably just a few minutes in that
    state, I knew nothing could ever “happen” there, so I decided that I
    wanted to return back to the “auto-pilot” state with a desire to experience
    again and “free” others.

    As I was making this
    decision, I felt in my core that this was a mistake or a perversion I
    was creating for myself, and even-so I still decided to do it. Whatever
    intelligence I was in harmony with had communicated to me that I would
    have to live with the consequences of this action, and yet I still chose
    to go ahead with it. The moment after I returned back into my body, I
    knew in my core that I had made the biggest mistake of my life.

    since that moment, my life has been a living hell– I feel like I am in
    a coma, but that I am in an animated coma. I had this ego-death
    experience in Thailand, and I now live back in the states and don’t have
    access to the drug that I took which I believe was pure MDMA at the
    time/ it could have been something else. I have since tried
    experimenting with MDMA and LSD but nothing close to this experience and have had no real lasting positive

    I have since had major depression and suicidal
    thoughts, and feel like I am totally trapped. Not only trapped, but that
    I deserve to be trapped for doing this to myself in the first place by
    deciding to “come back” with this weird self-righteous mission to help
    “free” other people from their egos as well. I knew I was tricking myself to come back, and now feel like I have to live out this life-sentence in misery.

    I am
    totally lost, and was hoping you could help give me advice. A part of me
    feels I need to induce another ego-death, and another part of me just
    wants to try and move forward with my life and actually carry out this “mission”
    or just try to forget about it all– but at my core I feel there is no
    way I can… I know that my aspirations and goals to free the human species from ego is totally ego-based, and I know all my regular human goals I need in order to survive and feed myself are also false…

    I am in hell right now and
    don’t know what to do .

    If anyone has any help or advice please email me at



    • Jess says:

      when you chose to take “auto-pilot” you decided to up the challenge c: when you experienced ego-death, i think you finished early and so you soul decided to aim higher c: and with that, the situation is worsened to see if you could take it

  34. Dr Pink says:

    please help, im 17, this summer had ego death changed everything. i just want to be who i was before. i lost so much about me that i dont have the capabilities to regain. i was given a gift through nature that i as a human cannot create with all the mental power in the world. i used to be good at so many things, acting mainly. now i cant act for my life. i used to be so sociable and talk to everyone i was popular. now noone even calls me out, im terrible at conversation now and find it useless and too mcuh effort to take part in. smal talk seems meaningless so i cant be fucked but it just lets my social side of me die as small talk is needed for social interactions to be succesful. i just want to become who i was before, is there anyway i can naturally go back to that? who i was before is it engrained in me and if i just dont take drugs anymore will it come back? when i experienced the ego death i saw a spot of white light and felt my head start to be draw to face it, i realised i was going to go insane and pulled away jumped up and broke the trance jsut as it started, would this have given me less of an ego death or is there a chance i could have avoided it? i took a full 300 tab of proper lsd i got at wilderness and it was my third time taking acid. please help

  35. Abbie Pepperrell says:

    Didn’t know this was a thing til someone mentioned so i decided to look it up and since reading this everything feels so much clearer. I experienced all that you’ve just explained one time on my last ever time doing a psychedelic however it affected me really negatively as I could not make sense of anything or express how i was feeling. I was surrounded by all my friends but the right words just wouldn’t come to me over even the most trivial of things. I felt like an open book but I didn’t know what page I was on. I’ve felt kinda similar ever since tbf, like i lost a big part of myself that night however reading this i realise it’s good to shake things up, maybe i needed that. It’s my perception and projection which is gonna shape my world and self development is key to being your greatest!

  36. Shonyce Mercedes Johnston says:

    Mine was terrifying because theres these unknown entities who I could in audio hear their voices telling me about myself and life. and I went there full on 3 times in my life and it’s the same voices welcoming me back. Its always a complete enlightening experience but very traumatizing for me personally. I’m thinking about going back for more enlightenment but always have this fear that I’ll be stuck there forever. I don’t regret it because I learned alot and it changed my belief system about life permanently. I saw everything. There was a point where a fraction of a second felt like… 5 whole minutes. It felt like eternity. 1,000,000 words cant describe the complex thing that happened to me.

    • Melissa Allen says:

      Please email me. I need some help. It’s about my friend. He’s experiencing this, but it is so intense….. for himself as well as me(Just being around him) he literally hear voices talking to him and carries on conversations with them. Now he is talking about dying or being dead and others are sad about it, that HE is trying to get him HOME. That he has control of everything and everyone. That he can stomp his foot and make a command and it happen. That he has visions and people are trying to take them from him. Someone please guide me.

  37. Peter Neill says:

    The reason I know my ego death was real is because I wasn’t aware of ego death before it happened. Its only after the experience that I had to find out what had just happened. I was on a couple hits of lsd and I literally became nothing. It was the most enlightening experience of my life and I am so thankful for it. It showed me death and that it isnt a scary thing. It is beautiful. The only way to experience it is to let go. To lose yourself to the experience and not fight it.

  38. Liz Green says:

    I experienced an ego death without the use of drugs. I wonder if others have too?

  39. Landis Ray Schmitt says:

    I experienced an ego death in May 1970. It was my 4 th lsd trip. Previously I had done 400 mg trips but this time I took 1200 mgs. I was a college student and this followed an intense week of anti-war protest after the Kent state shootings. I took the lsd downtown and walked back to my apt about a mile away. On the walk back I was stopped by two police officers. They took my student ID and told me to get out of town or “they would look me up”. I was feeling the effects coming on but tried to remain calm. After they let me go, I made it back to my apartment. A number of people showed up as word spread that I was having a party.

    Lyrics from a Bob Dylan song kept popping into my head “something is happening and you don,t know what it is do you Mr Jones”. I was feeling confused and noticed that there were gaps in which I really did not know what was happening. A good friend noticed that i was beginning to freak out and suggested we go for a walk. A third man that I did not know also joined us.

    It was nighttime and there was a wooded area behind my apartment. We were walking up a small hill and suddenly the man I did not know let out a scream and launched his body through the air in a full body karate kick. Startled, I asked my other friend what was going on. He told me that the other guy was a Vietnam vet who had just got out of the army. So now I thought,”great not only do I have to be worried about being confined to a mental institution for the rest of my life, I also have to worry about this guy freaking out and killing me.”

    We continued on to the top of the hill and I noticed that something happened again. I stopped in my tracks and suddenly felt like there was no affect of the lsd. I said out loud,”it happened again.” The Vet turned to me and said, “isn’t he beautiful?” Confused, I said “who?” And he replied, “God”. Immediately it happened again but this time I experienced it coming and going.

    It was not like I expected it would be. I was brought up as a Christian and expected that any experience of God would include bright lights, angelic music and maybe a few dead relatives waiting to greet me. But there was nothing. I should say there was No-Thing. But as I was returning to my personal reality, I sensed a unifying vibration in the grasses, the trees, and the stars above. I finally felt like I understood the concept of Oneness.

  40. Julie says:

    I had an ego death when I was 17. I dropped four hits of acid and I hallucinated an entire car accident and hospital stay. I thought I was actually dying, I saw my father and mother and they were begging me to hang on and I just couldn’t let go. Then I saw my fiancé.. I’ll never forget the look of anguish on his face.. I can never do hallucinogens again..

  41. MikeBanks says:

    This explains so many things for me… I did 5 hits of LSD a few months ago not knowing they were each a 300microgram dosage. I believe this is what i experienced because soon after i realized, who i thought i was, was none other than that. Who i THOUGHT i was. I wont do LSD anymore for reasons off this topic. And i have done it since this experience only to come to deeper realizations about it. But i now have stopped caring what ppl think, opened my mind to different types of music, new instruments, and incredible ways of understanding life and why im living it. I have decided to embrace these changes and its as if my life is is going for me. Like every decision im making was somehow predestined and im finally on the right track. My ego still exists, but the best way i can explain is, Its as if my mind is a classroom. Before, i was the student. My ego was the dominant teacher that told me how to be and how to live, while my spirit was the assistant teacher. My spirit able to speak and teach me things, still didnt have a dominant enough voice for me to listen. But recently, (in the past couple years) i started listening to that assistant teacher (myspiritual side) and after this LSD experience ( or the last few i should say) My spiritual side has become the dominant teacher, I have become the assistant teacher, and my ego has become the arrogant student who thinks he knows everything as the dominant teacher and i constantly put him in check..reminding him that even tho he is important, he is only a child with much to learn and thats just what my ego does now.. sometimes standing up out of his desk claiming to know more than i, hes always put in check and sits down to listen. Sorry if this metaphor is confusing but this is my best way of explaining. Does this seem like ive experienced, or am in the process of still experiencing ego death? please give your input thanks

    • dylan k says:

      you hit the nail on the head with a lovely metaphor there. yeah, ego is the teacher from day one, its the only way “reality” could fashion ‘living’ in it. you’re on track. see with ego death its hard to conceptualize it as a finished process because a body thru perception (and especially perceptions that enforce ideas of permanence) will always have trouble evaporating out of you that which it uses thru conditioning to live corporeally. the key is to always keep in mind that spiritual teacher, no matter what life throws at you thru your senses. just be , don’t think about conceptualizing life, or if you do, only do it in order to save the rest of the planet. the closer you come to full on completed ego death (which would mean physical death) the closer you will be to natural ways of configuring life thru wisdom. and this only leads to enlightenment, interest in more things, passion for life and trying to fix society, etc.

  42. Dylan Kachmann says:

    I had an ego death experience multiple times but my most favorite and complete one was my most recent one with mushrooms, i decided to take 8 grams and then 2 hours later i took 6 more, so approximately a half oz… i was with my friend and we were about to go on a walk but he started to get freaked out so i told him not to worry we will just relax in my room, at that point we started to get extremely high, he only took six grams and was getting extremely anxious, i thought it was kind of silly considering i took more than twice his dose, but i still took in to consideration what he was experiencing. I started to feel the same way, but after that i didnt think my trip could get any better, but as i went on, it was as if my peak never stopped and to this day it still feels that way, but before i really started to feel like this i had the worst trip of my life, i was falling down a hole in to despair and i didn’t know what was happening i was so scared, i thought i was going to die, and then i threw up and i had my ego death, after that i completely let go and joined my friend in my room he didn’t know where i went because i went downstairs to the bathroom because i didn’t want to scare him, after that we were in my room and i was experiencing my ego death, i finally reached the top, hyper space, the highest point you could reach from a trip, i was absolutely and completely free from everything, my body my senses, reality time and space, i have never felt this free ever, and i still feel completely free, i cannot describe the amount of freedom and euphoria I experienced once i had my ego death, it was the most meaniful experience in my life and it has improved my life drastically, i have let go of my ego and it has allowed me to do so much with my life, i’ve learned so much about myself and reality itself, it has freed me entirely and allowed me to do what i have always wanted with myself, i am so thankfuk for this experience it has changed me for the good, when i was in hyperspace i completely lost my sense of self and was everything and also nothing at once, it was as if i could be anywhere or everywhere all at once, go anywhere, i felt completely whole and one with the entire universe, and now i am doing exactly what ive always dreamed of with my life and enlightening other people and helping them find themselves and experience ego death, i lead people through their trip and make sure they have the right experience. Letting go of your ego is the first step in truly finding yourself and freeing yourself, it gives you so much potential and freedom in your life! I am so thankful for psychodelics, they have done so much for me, it takes the right mindset and a certain amoun of understanding before you can truly free yourself and have the right ego death, you learn so much from psychodelics but especially during ego death, we are all one and the same experiencing our own reality in different and unique ways, because of our consciousness. Once you are free, your life is full of satisfaction bliss and oppertunity. I meditate and astral project almost every week. It has helped me have other ego deaths as well as given me a lot of understanding that helped me truly free myself in my last ego death, if you ever want to experience ego death but don’t want to risk being stuck in a bad trip i highly reccomend astral projection, it can heal your bad trips or ego deaths that didn’t fully happen or improve your chances of having a pure ego death. Once you are free of your ego, you have a perminant heightened state of consciousness and ability to sense energy and understand things in a way more meaniful and complex way, it isn’t easy to acceot ego death nor should it be, the amount of knowledge i have gained is amazing and so eye opening, it makes me so happy just thinking about that moment when i completely lost my ego, as some have previously said, your ego acts as a teacher, but it can only take you so far in life, once you have released your ego, you have so much more to gain in life, if anyone has any questions or wants any tips or anything plesse don’t hestste to contact me! Just to add on to this: For a lot of my youger years when i first started doing drugs, it was with my friends and honestly the inly reasons they did i was to get fucked up, and in a way i almaot realized i was on the wrong path, i met a friend who ha already exoerinced ego death but i had no clue at the time, he i troduced me to astral projection, and thats where my journey started, i began to see things in a brand new way, i started taking drugs for completely different reasons, and it got to the ooint to where i am now… to this day i dont use drugs to get high or fucked up, but i use them to improve my life, self awareness and reality, the amount of knowledge i have learned from my ego smdeath would take me forever to write up, but please do not hesistate to contact me with any questions or anything, i wish the best for everybody!

    • Shae says:

      You said you gained knowledge from this ego death you had? I would like to learn more. Do you have an email I can contact you at? I had an ego death as well and I thought I was the only person to ever experience such a thing until I found this website. I’m eager to learn more from actually anyone who is open to sharing!

  43. Yogi says:

    Hello everyone ,Listen to me very carefully. Using LSD or any such substances causes a sudden peak in conciousness.which results in experiencing loss of ego.

    Peak of conciousness=no ego

    Having suddenly experiencing such a peak in conciousness prior training the mind and body will result in disorientation. And the experiencing will be difficult to absorb properly.
    It can even result in paranoia.
    People who have experienced ego death and cannot come back to their old “normal” is because now their conciousness wants to expand and express to its fullest.
    When it comes to expanding conciousness. It consists of two main neccessary processes .
    1-Expansion of Conciousness
    2-Stabalization and integration

    Without 2nd one 1st can be disasterous.Depending on the persons mind and body state.
    So all those suffering the after effects of ‘ego death’ and cannot come back to normal senses should practice certain yogic excercises for forty days atleast.these will ground you properly and normalize your conciousness.

    2- utthita parsvakonasana
    3-virabhadrasana 1
    4-virabhadrasana 2
    5-virabhadrasana 3
    6-prasarita padottanasana

  44. Diana says:

    I’m so incredibly grateful that I’ve found this blog. Psilocybin has always been an interesting topic for me but never had the chance (set and setting) to try mushrooms or LSD. Finally decided to take it and it has immensely changed my perception on life. Started off at around 10pm, took 3 drops of LSD and took about 30 minutes for it to kick in. The person I was with also took LSD. He kept asking how I was feeling but I could not get myself to talk. I was thinking what I wanted to say but I couldn’t. I was overwhelmed with the feeling, colorful hallucinations and sounds. Finally my ego death started to occur. Saw my whole entire life through different eyes. The life I was currently living, the life I wanted to live and the life I feared to live in. I even had flash backs of when I was a child. He kept asking how are you feeling now and told him I was scared. What’s going on and why is my reality changing? He kept telling me to let go and enjoy it but I couldn’t. I also kept questioning life and what the hell it wanted from me. What my meaning was. I kept questioning religion too. He grabbed my hand and showed me cool pictures to look at and started to feel better. Later on I felt as one with life (unity with nature), I let go and even took my clothes off (apparently that’s normal?). My trip felt so real, as if it were my new reality and I was finally accepting my new life because it was finally at peace. A peacefulness I had never experienced. My friend said I completely lost my mind. I was running around his house naked, arguing with myself. He called it an “LSD induced psychosis”. Coming down was absolutely confusing. I had no idea what was going on until my friend explain exactly what occurred. YOU. CAME. OVER. WE. TOOK. LSD. Then somehow managed to fall asleep. For the next following days, I felt depressed and could not stop thinking about my trip. Reflecting, I kept asking myself WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED AND WHY DID IT FEEL REAL? WHY WAS THAT EXPERIENCE SO MEANINGFUL AND PROFOUND? AM I REALLY THIS FUCKED UP IN THE HEAD THAT I COULDNT JUST ENJOY THE LSD LIKE MY FRIEND DID? Now that i’ve came across this page, it all makes sense to me now. Its been well over 2 months and I think about my trip every single day. Until I decided to do my research. Ego death is what it was. My search for my meaning in life is still not that clear but I know that I am now on the right path because of everything I saw on my trip. I learned so much about myself. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences!

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