Death? What A Cosmic Joke!

Death? What A Cosmic Joke! Posted on February 25th, 2011 by in Spirituality with [fetching…]

There are a lot of reasons that death isn’t necessarily real. The idea that death is the end-all to ones life is quite a tale. The reason that assumption exists is because of contrast.

We try to create a contrast between life and death; so that we may live to the fullest using the crutch that we may one day no longer exist. But this is a weak standpoint, and thus a cosmic joke.

Life and death are the same

Stop right there. Yes, you. You can see these words, so do as they say. Focus on your breathing, listen to the sounds and only the sounds. Look around you and see where you are.

Welcome to life. This is all there really is. Death is simply a process to begin life, and the process is instantaneous — the moment you die is the moment you are born. There is no more to it than this life as it is now.

When your physical body dies, you do not die. Your physical body is merely a vessel which you can use and shape as you wish to experience what you are here to experience. Each and every life has a detailed purpose with leeway for free will and exploration.

Reality is all about life — and life just is.

Blink, blink

You probably just blinked. Do it again and notice the blink. That’s a lot like death. There is also an idea that you can play with, that we die multiple times in our life.

We just don’t notice because when we die in that life, we get ‘transfered’ to another reality so we may live on. We don’t even notice, because it’s instantaneous. You may quickly doze off, wake up alert and be a little behind time. You may experience tremendous deja vu, and so on.

The reason you keep moving on is because, perhaps, you die after your purpose is done there. Or, even better, we are all meant to live to experience the fullness of life. There are deaths that we personally experience, but they are not dead. They are either reborn or carrying on with you and not even noticing.

That’s just silly

Maybe it is! The idea remains, however, that death is simply the beginning of life. Life has no end, it just has a beginning. There is never an end to life — just a beginning and a journey to another beginning.

The cycle of life is exactly that — a cycle, a circular vortex which has no end. Welcome to eternity!

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