Spiritual Music influence- the connection of music and spirituality

Spiritual Music influence- the connection of music and spirituality Posted on February 03rd, 2013 by in Spiritual Music with [fetching…]

Music has always had a very close connection with spirituality. This has been the reason that many of the saints in the earlier age have given utmost importance to spiritual music.  Spiritual music has the capacity to lighten the human soul and mind. Harmonising the individual’s inner self, music calms down the person effectually.

The term spirituality mainly refers to mental peace and silence. Hearing to spiritual music is one of the most effective ways to achieve this state of spirituality. It is important to note that music itself is a broad genre. There are different types of music which you can come across in this sphere. There are some forms of music which have an aggressive quality and feel to it. It is more fast-paced and thumping. On the other hand, other forms of music are more soft and soothing. These are categories like soulful music which helps the person in bonding spiritually. It lifts up the consciousness of the listener and makes him/her calmer.

Spiritual music is an important part of meditation. Considering the advantages it possesses, there have been many meditation professionals which have popularised the use of spiritual music as an aid in meditation. One of the most effective benefits of
spiritual music is that it energises the inner being of an individual with no amount of restlessness. The very fact of listening to spiritual music helps the individual in dwelling into the deeper levels of consciousness.

The spiritual effect of music has been said and discussed over by many renowned writers and composers. One of them is Beethoven.

He said: “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life. Although the spirit be not master of that which it creates through music, yet it is blessed in this creation, which, like every creation of art, is mightier than the artist.”

Healing is an essential part of spiritual development of any individual. As individuals, we can heal ourselves but fail to do so due to no change in consciousness. It is during this time that music helps us awakening to deeper levels of consciousness. It subjects to a vibrating positive energy which has great benefits attached with it. As stated by David Tame music is the most mystical force of nature.

As mentioned in the article above, the healing power of music has been a fact which has been discovered much earlier. There has been the mention of healing power of music in many religious books like the Bible. Taking this philosophy to an advanced level, many modern researchers have observed and claimed that spiritual music has an instrumental impact on our health as well. Apart from our mental state, spiritual music benefits our body too.

The best way to feel the effect of music is through everyday observations. For instance, if you are constantly subjected to depressing music, within sometime you also get depressed and low. On the other hand, if you listen to soothing tracks for a while, it is bound to affect your mind and soul. Considering this fact, it is always advisable to subject yourself to soothing and calming music.

Author Bio: Alice Dylan is a renowned writer who has written several articles on meditation and its related aspects.
In this article, she talks about the importance of music and states the connection between music and spirituality.


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