The Urban Western Shaman: A Joke or Important?

The Urban Western Shaman: A Joke or Important? Posted on January 29th, 2011 by in Shamanism with [fetching…]

It has become evident that the times are changing. We are heading towards a dramatic change in consciousness, all together. The west has an extreme impact on the rest of the world, and it also happens to be the most confused area there is.

Many people who have experienced enlightenment in the west will seek to become a shaman, only to be told that they cannot be one because of the environmental circumstances. We are not in the jungle, and therefor we cannot be authentic. Right?

The imagery of a shaman

When we picture shaman, we go straight to the exotic clothing, singing and dancing that they do. We picture ceremonies with a large fire in the middle while people are going through their visions. We picture somebody who has gone extremely far to expand his or her consciousness.

We would never picture a shaman in formal clothing, or even urban casual. Why? It just doesn’t match to what we have been exposed to. This seems to be a form of closed mindedness.

The environment of “natural” shaman

Shamans are generally in small to medium tribes who have all gone through psychedelic visions and are natural believers of the truths that the shaman speak. They do not doubt the shaman and they do not see him or her as odd, as we might.

The shaman in the jungle already has his tribe together, they know the truth and that is all that really matters. They are able to heal because of the belief of his/her fellow tribesmen. There isn’t much work, then, to be done in the exotic areas where the “true” shaman reside.

However, the west could use a lot of shamanic help. People are too attached to false images, prophets and materials to even consider going to Peru to vomit for a few hours and to cleanse their bodies. That just sounds asinine to them.

Here is where the western shaman comes into play

The western world has been considered to be sick by countless shaman and spiritual leaders. They see us as diseased because of our materialistic obsessions.

If one is to speak to these people then he must be able to relate to them and get into their comfort zone. You do not dress up and talk like a Peruvian shaman if you wish to speak to an ordinary citizen. That is just hopeless thinking.

The ‘urban’ shaman must learn the ways of which society works. Economical, business, social norms, formality, language, body language, and everything else that comes with society. You must be a representable citizen if you wish to help others.

Why? They will not listen to somebody who claims to be a shaman if they are in rags. Think about it, we are raised with the belief that formality is a sign of saneness and that materials are a good representation of ones maturity, willpower and mind.

It is true, too, that these all represent those things in the western world. It takes diligence to reach those levels, even if you are not spiritually aware. To show that you have self-control & confidence will automatically allow you to speak to others on a deeper level than a hopeless conversation.

We, the westerners, must learn the ways of society, execute them flawlessly and help those who are trapped within the illusionary system for we can see past it. We must devour it from the inside out, so that we may free our brothers & sisters unitedly.

This is our place and we are in the west for this very reason. We must work to bring people together, every day, so that we can help our people see.

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