The Spirit Animal. Do You Know Yours Yet?

The Spirit Animal. Do You Know Yours Yet? Posted on January 07th, 2011 by in Shamanism with [fetching…]

A spirit animal is a unique animal attributed to a person. This animal can be seen in the physical realm and it can also be felt on the spiritual realm. Each spirit animal offers various different kinds of benefits, but you must get to know the animal first.

Psychedelics bring the spirit animal out into play, for the ego has little room to hide the animal. The animal is a part of our true selves, it is a physical representation of what kind of being we truly are. Our animal does not change and it is set at birth and before.

Personal characteristics

Each spirit animal is very visible to the naked eye if you know how to look. However, we’re not taught how to look so we never really see them. The animal is semi-visible on the face, and will appear on the face during a psychedelic experience.

A bird-type spirit animal will appear very sharp with small facial features. A reptile will be very sharp, too, with large features. A cat will be very soft with smaller features, and so on and so forth. The face matches the head of the animal, essentially.

Your attitude is 100% reliant on your spirit animal, too. If you are a cat and you are in your good moods then you are relaxed, protective and trustworthy. If you are a cat and you are in a bad mood, however, then you are deceitful and aggressive.

If you are a reptile and you are in a good mood then you will be very otherworldly and carefree. If you are a reptile and you are in a bad mood, however, then you will care too much and will be very defensive.

So the personalities of the animal types themselves affect who you are. Your egos experiences & emotions will be filtered through the animal and it will be outputted by you.

Taking form in the physical world

To truly see the animal in action then psychedelics must be involved. A medium dosage of a psychedelic will suffice and the process is quite simple.

  • First, you must meditate on your self and let your ego subside. Let go of all personal boundaries.
  • Then, concentrate your energy in the center of your body and feel the animal.
  • Finally, once your visuals are coming in strong go to a room with a mirror and look deeply into your pupils.

Once you do this you will see your animal start to take shape. Do not blink or look away; merge with your animal and get to know it. Know that it exists and has always existed with you.

You may see others’ animal by looking at them in their pupils. Their animal will start to take form, and yours will too. This is a true connection between human consciousness. The animals, or your true selves, will talk to each other without any vocalization. You will see everything about that person, and they you. It is the deepest connection between two people possible.

What’s the point of knowing my animal?

The point to know what your animal is, is quite simple: to understand yourself more. Once you realize your spirit animal then you have access to a broader realization of who you are and why you are the way that you are.

For example, my spirit animal is a chameleon and it fits perfectly to who I am and what I do. It took me a while to realize this, but it truly does match.

We feel that spirit animals are absolutely important to the evolution of the self. If you know yours, then please share it so others can see that it is possible. Show others who you truly are and help others find out who they are.

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