The Mirror: An Essential Piece of Life

The Mirror: An Essential Piece of Life Posted on January 12th, 2011 by in Shamanism with [fetching…]

The mirror is a very important part of psychedelic experiences, especially for newcomers. The mirror is a fantastic healing tool and a great life changer.

If you’ve ever taken a psychedelic it’s likely that you’ve visited the mirror. A lot of people turn away too quickly, or maybe move too much. We’ll explain why the mirror is such an important piece of the psychedelic puzzle.

What to do

On the peak of a psychedelic if you look into the mirror you will see everything about yourself. Your past, present and where you are headed. Here you will see everything without the act that you put on for others.

It’s a very deep and intimate experience, as you are alone and communicating directly to your self. When using the mirror you need to have mild to intense visuals for the effects to really work. Look into your eyes and ignore the surrounding visuals. Do not blink; if you do blink, then keep going but try your best to not blink.

As you gaze into your self you will have a plethora of revelations and you may experience ego death this way. It is not uncommon to realize the potential of you when doing this. If you are young then it is a great way to start your adulthood.

It shows you for who you really are

You will see through all of the barriers that you put up when around others, you will see the inner self through all of your life cycles. You will see where your soul stands in life itself. How old is your soul?

This is a technique in shamanism, for it brings the internal world into the external world. To mesh spirituality with the physical realm is quite startling. Stay very calm when doing this technique, because you may not like everything that you see.

We have seen many people break down in tears from what they see, we have also seen many people go into complete awe and bliss afterwards. It is a beautiful experience that we highly suggest attempting.

You can do this without psychedelics but it requires a lot more concentration. Psychedelics simply make it easier because of the “visual aid” they provide.

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