Reinventing What You Thought You Knew About Sense

Reinventing What You Thought You Knew About Sense Posted on February 17th, 2011 by in Shamanism with [fetching…]

When one goes through an intense experience their senses get intertwined and consciously confusing. When experimenting with this one will notice that each sense has its own unique purpose.

The senses we know and love aren’t necessarily as-is. Sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell all have a very different purpose than what we originally think.

The general purpose

The general purpose of senses, which is widely-accepted, are there to create your external reality; or perception of reality itself. They are there to design the world you know and love. You really do create everything in your life through these devices.

Devices? They are tools for you to use to manifest your reality. Create what you want through them. They are all useful for, mainly, this purpose.

But they are also distractions from the internal world. This is why when we meditate, we ignore our thoughts because they stimulate us. To meditate we must be one with nothing, and to be one with nothing we must halt our sensations.

Each sense: hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are all the same thing, they just come from different input areas on the body. These input placements are vital, because they synergize perfectly to create your world.

They have a subconscious affect on you and this is precisely why we are able to control our reality. Ever hear of the law of attraction? This is what they are talking about.

How sounds affect you

Sounds are used to cause the brain to change thought patterns. For example, a Tibetan singing bowl can turn a manic thinker into a thoughtless vessel all because of how it affects the brain. It will flood through, disrupting any soft thought and take over. Your brain will then resonate with the sounds you hear and your perception will then be temporarily altered to match those patterns. Watch carefully.

Vocalized words are equally curious because they are seemingly structured, but when you take the idea of “language” out of the picture, it becomes incredibly bizarre. These words, at first, trigger definitions that you’ve attached to them through your years. When reading you can also see this in action. But when the idea of language doesn’t exist, it vibrates in such a way to make your brain react.

Considering that language does not necessarily exist, this is always happening. Words are there to help manipulate the brain – good and bad. This is why life coaches will say to use positive words aloud. The sounds help pull what you need or want into your life because you are storing more positive views on the surface, rather than the more often negative views.

What you hear is how you think. Hard music? You will have fast-paced aggressive thought-patterns, at least until it wears itself out. Soft music? You’ll be more relaxed throughout the day. A neutral kind of music, such as classical, is perfect for daily basis if you want to maximize your productivity.

Softer music should be used when you want to enter a trance-like state of mind and aggressive music for the weekends. These sounds will determine your mood, for the most part.

The spiritual aspect to sound

Sound has an immediate use of using it to help induce trance-like states of mind. Deep meditation in nature; the birds and other animals will give you a jolt here and there with the balance of the softness of the winds and atmospheric vibrations. Using music, too, helps a spiritual experience.

If you listen to ambient music you can reintegrate nature into your spiritual experience. Trance will help neutralize your thoughts, without the volatility that ambient music generally comes with. Psybient will alter your thought patterns in such a way as to confuse you and disable the ability to even attempt thought.

Psybient is very useful for less intense experiences because it forces you to just be. But if you’re going for an intense experience, you should try the more melodic genres or even silence.

How touch affects you

What you feel keeps you grounded to the idea that you are in a physical reality. It is the most noticed sense because it is consciously stimulated.

Without this you would not think that you are physical because you’d feel like you were constantly floating. This gives you the idea that you are navigating through life, and that’s exactly right. You’re navigating through your reality and touch is one of the main senses to use to navigate with.

This sense also brings out memories throughout different parts of the body. The thighs store adolescent memories; the arms store desires; the feet store hopes; the hands store what you’ve done so far in your life; the chest stores your intrinsic beliefs; and your stomach is a neutral point for emotion.

All of these points can be stimulated in a way where it will reveal what it’s storing inside. Each experience you have gets stored within your body.

The spiritual aspect to touch

Touch becomes almost unnoticeable during a spiritual experience. But there are key areas that you can be touched at, or touch someone at, to have a deeper connection.

Holding hands is a very open and stimulating move, and can help release anxiety. Gentle hovering around the vital points mentioned above can help heal anything that needs to be healed within a person. This is called “reiki”, and although reiki isn’t necessarily touch, it is a sensation of touch.

How sight affects you

Sight is “the proof” that your reality exists. It lets you see what you’ve created, instead of pure nothingness with the other, strange sensations. Your eyes are windows to your true self, and you can manifest what also exists before you.

What you see is the result of the other senses combined. Where you are in life is a pretty good representation of who you are, what you are, what you’ve done and so on. It’s not a perfect representation, but it’s a close one. How you feel when you see something is more important than the object itself.

What you see is all just you. You are seeing yourself, because you’ve made what’s around you through action or inaction. There’s also the fact that we are energetic beings, and what’s around us is also energy. So we are interconnected in that way, too.

The spiritual aspect to sight

As you go through life you’ve probably noticed odd things before. Deja vu is a big one. These things that you notice are reminders as to what really is. What you see around you now isn’t always just things that you’ve created, they are sometimes there to help guide you to your true self or to a lesson you must receive.

You may have an object with you that you’ve “always” had throughout your life cycles. When looking at this object, you can’t help but feel ever-connected to it and this would be why. Throughout our life cycles we all have our visual clicks as to help us through life and not lose sight of what really matters.

The eyes also act as windows of flawless communication. Talk eye to eye with another and you will see that words do not need to happen. Talk eye to eye with another with mutually limited or no blinking and you will see even further.

The eyes show the true man or woman. There are no secrets that can be perfectly hidden because the eyes have it all. Not the iris, though, that’s simply a physical reflection of what you are. The pupils are the direct communication line to each other’s true being.

How tastes affect you

Taste isn’t really a deciding factor of your life, but it can have its moments. Taste is simply a stimulation of what you’re putting into your body.

Overly tasteful things, such as sweets, spices, sours, etc are obnoxious and usually harm you in the short and the long run. Neutral tastes such as salads and water are what keep you balanced. Taste acts like a precursor to how you will feel later.

The spiritual aspect to taste

Think of tasting something as putting it into your void of nothingness and letting it affect your entirety. This is kind of how taste works.

What you taste takes over your body because it’s such an immediate sensation. Keeping it a neutral level will keep you clear headed and focused. To some, taste could trigger a sensation of deja vu and take them back to a deep, compressed memory.

How smell affects you

Smells are the one sense that can be manipulated and not necessarily affect you. Overly foul or sweet smells are just obnoxious and distractful, but smells like incense and other soft-smells can help you throughout the day.

It causes an enjoyable atmosphere because it takes over your experience in life. It gives your reality a hue, so to speak, to match that smell.

The spiritual aspect to smell

There isn’t much to say about smell. Using incense will help you feel calm while undergoing an intense experience.

Candles and other soft, nice smelling tools will help you feel clean and “doing the right thing”. These kinds of smells are the equivalent to classical music and hearing: it helps you on your way to be what you want to be.


Senses are extraordinary when you take a good, hard look at them. Experiment with them when the time comes to allow you to do so. You can change all your senses to meet your needs, you just have to try.

Senses are also not the only thing that helps control your reality. They are reactions to your thoughts and actions/inactions. What you sense is how you think. This is the law of attraction.

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