Fix a broken heart and get rich quick using shamanic healing?

Fix a broken heart and get rich quick using shamanic healing? Posted on October 11th, 2012 by in Shamanism with [fetching…]

“The Shaman is a self-reliant explorer of the endless mansions of a magnificent hidden universe.”

There are certain aspects of our everyday lives which always seem to create problems for us.

When asked, most people name love, money and health as their top three worries. Some of the most stressful thing in life – divorce, job hassles, bereavement – can all be narrowed down to aspects of love, money and health. 

Those who believe in shamanic healing, a type of guidance from spirits, have known this for many generations, reaching back to our ancestors in ancient times. To solve problems in life are what we as humans struggle with, unless we choose to live as hermits with no human contact. People have searched for solutions to eternal dilemmas for as long as there have been people on earth, and shamans have provided the answers we seek for centuries. 

Shamanic healing provides solutions and guidance for difficulties which have troubled people forever, and in many ways they are the ultimate agony aunts or uncles. Their common sense approach reflects a kind of wisdom that many of us pay megabucks to hear from modern day professional counselors or psychiatrists. 

Taking part in a shamanic journey involves believing that a pretty old fashioned way of looking at life can actually provide the answers for extremely modern problems, like who is going to get the laptop and what happens to the kids after the divorce. Thinking about ancient powers and destiny might be the last thing on your mind when your boss is bullying you for the ninth time in a day, or you have just been handed a redundancy notice. Yet it is so tempting to believe that one’s life is actually in the hands of a higher power, and things will work out okay in the end if we only ask a shaman. 

Some people might suggest that if there are wise shaman spirits up there keeping a track of what we do and guiding us gently on our way, then how come life keeps on turning out to be so continuously rubbish? Perhaps the answer is that we simply are not listening enough to our very own personal shaman.

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