A Direct Experience with a Very Deep Voice

A Direct Experience with a Very Deep Voice Posted on January 25th, 2011 by in Shamanism with [fetching…]

I have kept my mouth shut about my most profound experience for nearly 2 years. The experience took me further than I had ever imagined possible. As the saying goes, it blew my mind.

The trip itself was after my initial ego death, I felt like I had to explore more. It was 6 grams, mixed with nitrous oxide throughout the whole experience. I was not religious at the time of the experience, yet the experience had much more to offer than I had ever counted for.

How it was done

Me and my wife prepared for the experience the day of. We cleaned the house, we took care of all errands and we made sure that everything was in proper order. We ate light and drank water throughout the day.

At about 10PM we measured 6 grams each, and quickly ate our portions and downed them with orange juice. We then put on some trance music, turned off all the lights and laid down.

We didn’t know what to expect, for we had only ventured into 4 grams before this. But for some reason, it felt meant to be. It was easy to swallow the dry mushrooms, there was nothing in the way and it felt very perfect in doing it.

The come up: What come up?

We didn’t necessarily have a come up, the body high came on very fast and the drug entered our brains in a matter of 10 minutes. We were meditating, waiting for the peak so that we would start the journey off right.

There isn’t much to say about a come up when it comes to something that reaches the peak instantly, but I do recall rapid visualizations forming right before me. Geometric and seemingly-archaic symbols filled my vision and became perfectly integrated into my reality.

Once we hit the peak, we took some nitrous oxide and that kick started the show.

The People Sorter

The first phase of the peak was an abstract machine that I could only come to call “the people sorter”. This machine took me through a strange experience that let me see how all dimensions connect, but rapidly.

I was being shot through a tunnel-like experience that I could view in any “direction”. At the end of the ride, there was an entity who acted like a guard. He wanted to interview me.

The Interview

The entity looked dynamic and yet solid at the same time. It was a part of my consciousness, and it wanted to make sure that I was ready for what was up ahead.

It asked me a variety of questions, which I would then answer and he would go on to another question. The conversation took place without language, and only understanding — as to quicken the process.

The questions were things like, “What is consciousness?”, “What is reality?”, “Who are you?”, and other fundamental basics when it comes to psychedelics. I knew the answers to these questions and I answered with confidence.

It seems the questions were to make sure that I was emotionally stable for what came next, and from here I was, once again, blasted elsewhere. However, this place wasn’t a place. It was just there.

The Lecture

After the interview I got seemingly transported to another dimension. This dimension seemed to be in 2D, as it was flat unlike the other place. The only thing moving was a 2D fractal that took over my vision.

I wasn’t able to comprehend my own thoughts, name or where I was now. I took some more nitrous oxide to see where I would go, but I stayed in this space. Soon after, however, something incredible happened.

A deep voice, speaking in non-language but fully understandable, arose into my consciousness. This voice began to tell a story, the story of life itself. Now, what I am about to say will absolutely sound bias, driven by ego, or even completely insane. I had none of the views that were presented to me beforehand.

The deep voice made it clear that it was God. I then questioned to make sure that it was not a pseudo-experience (psychedelics can be tricky) but sure enough, it responded perfectly clear with a “I am Him, and you will listen.”

He told me not to fear, but to understand. That the fear-mongering version of God is false, and He simply wants others to listen and to understand. To open themselves to the possibilities that exist, rather than the impossibilities that we create for ourselves.

The story that He began to tell was the story of life, and it all started with the Bible. The Bible was meant to be, and still is, the story of life itself. Yet it is neither 100% actuality, nor is it 100% metaphorical. It is a balance between the metaphorical and actuality.

He said that the “big events” in the Bible are actual, whereas the “side-stories” in the Bible were simply metaphors for enlightenment. The Bible is meant to not only teach the story of life, but to teach the story of enlightenment itself. Enlightenment and life are identical.

The Bible contains many usable metaphors for the troubles and the beauty of enlightenment, and it also contains valid information regarding life’s “cycle”. He said the these cycles are simply life itself, repeated. In a way, it’s reincarnation but on a massive scale.

Life will reset itself, He said, as according to the Bible’s prophecies which will come true. These prophecies present themselves as small-scale, completely explainable and simple. The prophecies are not “magical” — they just are.

He went on to describe our individual stories; how each and every one of us plays a role in life itself, where we have a balance of free will & fate. We have the free will as to how we experience our lives, yet we have the fate as to how we affect life as a whole.

Each person has a story to fulfill, and each thought and action acts as a sentence in this metaphysical book. These books are all embedded into the Bible, and each cycle pushes the changes that were made in the individual lives into the next cycle. For example, the last cycle you may have been just discovering enlightenment so this cycle you are more drawn to it.

Each cycle has always started at a certain period of time and then the illusionary time period is always the same as to when life resets. The reset is not painful, but it does test your awarenesses “endurance”. Your perception of the reset will lead you into your next life and purpose.

We have always done this, you have always read this. We have always done what we have done and experienced, and we will always continue to. Minor tweaks are possible, but your purpose is always there. The realization of the purpose is up to you, and you can maximize your potential by realizing your purpose.

He said that life isn’t hard, it is that we make it hard by not following our personal purposes. We should find it out, through transcendence of the self, and follow through with what we learn. He said that the worst thing that we can do is to know our purpose and yet ignore it. This creates doubt, and thus creates Hell.

He said that Heaven & Hell are an ambiguous experience. These metaphysical “places” are states of mind on Earth, the experiences after death and the cycle. How well you handle death, and life, will create either Heaven or Hell for you.


After the 2D plane He took me back to the interviewer. The interviewer then thanked me for being open-minded even though I had no religious views. God, still in my consciousness, intervened and seemed to joke around with me a little bit. He then said, “You are a man now. You’ve come a long way. You are now enlightened.”

Once He said that, my wife then asked for me to turn on the lights, the same moment He said that. I had to laugh, and the experience was over for me. I didn’t know what to think right then, and I didn’t want to ruin it with words.

We had done a whole package (24) of nitrous oxide throughout the trip, so we had both gone far. My wife had a similar, yet very different, experience.

I didn’t know what to think about the experience for weeks after, and I never spoke about it. It felt very taboo, I was an atheist with a born-again experience under my belt. I do believe in God, I do believe in what He said. I do want to explore more and I feel like it is time to.

I know all of this is a little much and very esoteric but that has always been the starting point to discovery, I believe. Without creativity and with boundaries we would have never gotten to where we are now. I will keep an open mind, always, for I simply want to know more. I do not want to limit myself to any egofilled boundaries and, especially not, ruthless doubt or skepticism.

It’s taken me a very long time to thoroughly look back on it, but in doing so, I wish for others to think about this experience. Why would an atheist experience this? Why would somebody, with no real research into deep-level spirituality, experience this? Why would this even be an experience?

I believe that this experience is the experience that lead us into religion in the first place. What do you think?

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14 responses to “A Direct Experience with a Very Deep Voice”

  1. mark! says:

    yep! i believe spirituality didnt exist…in the human consciousness, at least, until we were introduced to psychedelics

  2. LanceTrottier says:

    Well-written message… particularly to those who will listen… thank you for sharing…

  3. Bowlolai says:

    I had a similar experience my first dmt breakthrough, thanks for the website. Have you ever tried Dmt?

  4. Freelance-writer says:

    Enjoyed reading the insight to your experience. I too had a spiritual experience though not drug induced. Throughout my life I have not been a religiously oriented believer in a God entity but do consider the presence of a higher energy spirituality. That said. my experience contained much religious oriented symbolism prior to which I was not aware. It was only after discussing my vision with others and some research that I learned this to be so. As result, like yourself, it left me questioning to this day, whether such entities as God/Jesus Christ do exist in a higher dimension of energy that we all, ultimately are a part of. Too, the part of your experience when you are explained the cycle of life dimensions – each cycle passage through intended to gain better understanding of your energy’s purpose that contributes to the `whole’ is repeated until enlightened initiating passage to the next level of dimensional energy’s realm, has been an intuitive consideration of mine. At this point though, I am still not solidly sure that I have gained any clear sight as to my `purpose’ without too seeming a bit ego-centric in a spiritual context.

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  7. Troy says:

    Please visit the web-site : http://www.egodeath.com He is an online philosopher and I believe you will find your answers there.

  8. lara says:

    amazing…. i had a similar experience on mushrooms almost 2 years ago. the first time i only did 1 noz balloon, i was greeted by a joker-like entity who seemed to be telepathically interviewing me. the second time i had done mdma and mushrooms, i had 1 balloon and saw my soul in deep space (i was atheist too so this stunned me) my body was made of light and suddenly exploded, i was transported to earth at the speed of light and witnessed evolution of earth at such a speed it was virtually impossible to take in. the third time i had mdma and mushrooms again and 1 balloon (possibly a double i am not sure) the effect was much more mild but i tuned into the emotions of the birds singing at dawn and it seemed to induce a strange trance state…. 10-15 minutes later i had a huge open-eyed fractal in the shape of a 2 mirrored mushrooms in the center of my vision, which was spiraling endlessly. the symbol reminded me of the celtic tree of life, i believe this was a symbol of the universal tree… now i am studying to become a shaman i believe this is the tree they journey with into the spirit realms and i hope to achieve this state without using mdma as i have abused it a little in the past. though tonight i plan to try it one last time out of curiosity.

  9. Nice Nate says:

    I had an an identical experience in 2006 that changed my life. I also called it the people sorter I cant believe you used those exact words,I also had the non verbal interview and saw God. and went to the 2d plane like you… I’d love to talk to more this is amazing I’m not alone

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