Nitrous Oxide: Only Two Inhales to Reach Space

Nitrous Oxide: Only Two Inhales to Reach Space Posted on January 08th, 2011 by in Psychedelics with [fetching…]

Nitrous oxide is an inhalant. It isn’t addictive, and isn’t dangerous if used in moderation (just like anything else). Nitrous oxide adds a whole new level to your psychedelic experiences.

We’ll explain the benefits, dangers and the why on using nitrous oxide. There are many things you must consider before trying a new drug, so remember to do your research on Erowid.

First, the disclaimer

The effects of nitrous oxide are quite predictable. They are always the same and you’ve probably been medicated by it before at the dentists or through surgery. The difference between the surgical technique and the home technique is that when used for surgical procedures, you are given a mix of both oxygen and nitrous oxide.

At home, however, you are reliant on yourself for the oxygen while the nitrous oxide fills your lungs. It is not hard to breathe while under the effects of nitrous oxide, but you may have to remind yourself if you go too far. Rely on how your lungs feel so you can breathe naturally.

Nitrous oxide depletes B-12 so you may want to take B-12 supplements after doing nitrous oxide.

The effects for “recreational use” include:

  • Lasts for 1 to 3 minutes
  • Strong euphoria, loss of the “touch” sense
  • Laughter
  • Sound distortion; you may hear audio hallucinations
  • Minor visualizations
  • Possible after-headache
  • Possible numbness if overdone
  • Nausea if overdone + already ill
  • Loss of balance

On it’s own, nitrous oxide (or N2O) is a completely useless spiritual experience. It may let you achieve a short-term ego death, but it is hardly worth it. N2O, however, is like a brother to the psychedelic realms.

Hand-in-hand they take you to space

When N2O is mixed with an active psychedelic the effects of the psychedelic are increased tenfold. The N2O effects are also increased from the psychedelic. They work together, to create a whole new level of experience.

Nitrous oxide used on the peak of a psychedelic will enhance and increase the visuals, while also aligning its own visuals to your trip. The visuals will change into a more constructed state instead of abstract. It pulls the pieces together, both in closed eye visuals and in open eyed visuals.

It also increases the trips intensity. If you use N2O on, say, 2 tabs of LSD it will feel like 3. Or if you use N2O on 3 grams of psilocybin then it will increase to the effects of 4 grams. The intensity, however, isn’t necessarily intense. It pushes through the boundaries and the confusion of the psychedelic and makes the psychedelic much more clear and pleasant.

For example, if you are having a tough ride and you take N2O it will force you into clarity. It’s a push to trigger ego death so you can get the confusion out of the way and onto the exploration. Nitrous is almost like a key to the higher dimensions of psychedelia.

The psychedelic also enhances the N2O effects. The effects last about ten times longer while simultaneously increasing the euphoria. The mixture is a perfect balance and is a great way to push your trip further while staying clearheaded.

Our advice

After doing nitrous oxide on the peak of a psychedelic you may never want to venture on without it again. It makes the trip extremely clear and forces ego death so you do not have to go through the trouble of accepting your death in a slow fashion.

Save the nitrous oxide for psychedelics and use them conservatively. When you are about to take some, meditate on it and take it in. Do not try to be a hero and try to “do it all in one inhale” — that could potentially cause a blackout. Do not do more than 4 cartridges in a row, and 3 is pushing it. Invest in good equipment to do N2O so you don’t have to worry about positioning and planning while under a psychedelic.

We recommend doing 2-3 nitrous oxide canisters in a row on the peak of a psychedelic. If you want more after, say, an hour then repeat your 2-3 canisters. Depending on your psychedelic dosage, you will be in for a very advanced and very curious journey.

Remember that the effects will add a whole new layer to the psychedelic experience, but pleasantly. As long as you keep conservative you will be safe. Remember to breathe often and drink plenty of water during the experience to stay hydrated.

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6 responses to “Nitrous Oxide: Only Two Inhales to Reach Space”

  1. Grant says:

    i find mixing nitrous with a medium dose of ketamine totally inhibits the sense of reality. Although ketamine is more of a deliriant than a psychedelic i still could compare this to the strength of about 600 mics of needlepoint.

  2. Star Rider says:

    I realize this was posted 3 years ago but I am hoping it will reach the person who wrote it somehow. I have not used nitrous other than being at the dentist I have had extensive dental work. I have some very interesting things to tell someone who is open minded and would like to know what I now know. If you do receive this I also have some questions about some things. Thank you so much…………<3

  3. star rider says:

    Hello, I am still trying to find anyone who has had a spiritual experience while on nitrous while at the dentist. What happened to me was incredible. I am so eager to have someone to talk to about this or to see if anyone has had any kind of experience while on nitrous. What happened to me was extraordinary and I am going back for more dental work and wanting to connect with someone who may know about this. if there is anyone who knows something aboit this please comment. I truly am hoping someone else can help. thanks so much……….<3

  4. Neil says:

    I was initiated into Nitrous in 1976 when undergoing a crown at the dentists office. I was 16.
    I’m now 57 years old. Nitrous oxide from a few whippits enhances other psychedelics. Even one hit of THC makes it much better. The more expensive canister does let you control the flow better. You need to control your breathing and alternate with some regular breaths of air. Through the nose moistens it more. Closed eye visuals and sound current gets strong and there’s some definite ego dissolution, especially with THC or psilocybin. It can be combined with other technologies such as CES, VAT, SEX, Vitamins, aroma, etc.

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