What Qualities Should a Spiritual Teacher Have?

What Qualities Should a Spiritual Teacher Have? Posted on January 19th, 2014 by in Personal Development with [fetching…]

Once in a while, a person may find a time in his life that his mind starts to  ask questions such as, “Why am I here? What is life about? What is the purpose  of my existence, and I don’t want to die without understanding why I have  lived.”. That is the beginning of spiritual teacher quest.

These questions are often linked to the feeling that there is an internal  voice calling him to follow an inner path and explore the truth that only this  path can lead to. He might begin to feel divine concepts and truth, as it begins  to emanate through his very presence and being.

Self-discovery can take days, months, or even years. There is often a strong  desire to encourage deeply spiritual insights to others who are still “blinded  by the material world.” Once a person has discovered the divine truth of  existence, the desire to help others toward their personal awareness often burns  strong in the heart. This often leads a person to start asking himself if he  could be a teacher and if he has enough knowledge and experience. In many cases,  the fear that others might not listen to the essential message is also  present.

Many skeptics will say that it is impossible for a person that does not have  a long, deep and proven spiritual experience to show the way to other truth  seekers, and they will persist no matter how much evidence they are presented  with. This often happens because people often believe that a person has to have  a very rich knowledge of spirituality to become a spiritual teacher.

A true spiritual teacher needs only be one step higher in spirituality than  the pupil seeking divine truths. It is not necessary to be at the level of Jesus  Christ or Buddha to be a spiritual teacher. In fact, the higher the spiritual  teacher, the more difficult it might be for the pupils to discover their own  divine truths. In some cases, when a teacher is at too high of a level, it can  make it too hard for a pupil to learn from him.

It isn’t necessary for a spiritual teacher to know where his knowledge came  from in order to teach his pupils. It is simply essential that the teacher knows  that his knowledge came from his spiritual inner source where the knowledge  found is objective and does not come from personal scientific, subjective or  philosophical ideas. A teacher is simply a medium that transfers objective  knowledge, he is not the source of the knowledge.

A spiritual teacher needs only be completely aligned with the present moment.  This will allow that whatever is needed in the present moment will come through  the teacher. Answers that are needed, whether for his personal life or the life  of others, can come through the spiritual teacher as long as he is able to be  present and still and just “be with what is.”

A spiritual teacher does not “become” what he is. When a person feels that he  is ready to become a spiritual teacher, then he is not a spiritual teacher.  Rather, he should feel that he is not ready to undertake the task because he  does not know anything, has nothing to teach and nothing to say. Spiritual  teaching does not come from a person’s personal knowledge; it comes through a  person.

It is not a matter of being ready to be a spiritual teacher; it is a matter  of having enough space to become one. The spiritual teacher essentially just has  to know how to get out of the way. Truly powerful things that he will do will be  done in the moment. It will happen because the spiritual teacher gets out of the  way. This is when the primordial intelligence in the power of life and the power  of now flow through him. This is how true creation occurs.


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