Silence Is Golden

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“Learn how to quiet your mind. Learn how to make your mind quiescent like a motionless lake. A motionless lake can attract, or image, reflect the sun, the stars, the moon, trees, grass.

 A lake that is noisy cannot reflect anything.
So when you learn to quieten your mind you reflect yourself, and yourself is always harmony, always bliss, always sat-chit-ananda, always the absolute reality, always absolute oneness. That’s your real self. That’s who you really are.

Robert Adams


Silence is something that you need to seek if you’re on a spiritual journey.

When was the last time you actually allowed the sounds of silence to enter your environment? Having no noise, no sound is causing fear to many people. Silence has become a threat.  You are starting to hear your truth when you are silent, when there are no distractions and thoughts stop racing around in your head.

Creating a life of meaning and joy requires that we begin to listen inwardly. To find our way in life, it is necessary that we learn to listen to ourselves- to observe regular moments of silence.

Silence needs to be generated into one’s life so that depth can be maintained. It needs to flow like a secret river between one’s soul and the outer expression of that soul. Taking time to be silent comforts the heart, enlivens the mind, gives liberty and happiness of life to whatever actions will be taken at other times, and brings an individual out of a more shallow existence, into a deeper knowing of themselves.

The purpose of silence is to expand individual consciousness so that the human being can be nourished from a deeper source. The source is always there. Without the silence, it is often difficult to hear what it has to say because outer voices are demanding loudly for attention and are much easier to hear. Avoidance of quiet has become native to a whole way of life for people who pride themselves on keeping busy. It has become native to a culture that prides itself on getting a lot done and rising on the ladder of outer success, value, education, fulfillment, good reputation, etc. But there is an inner ladder of fulfillment that can never be located in this way, for it goes not up, but down – down into the depths of one’s being, down into the core elements out of which one is composed, down into the sub sphere of thought to the place where thought no longer matters and only ‘being’ becomes real. This ladder contacts the depths of the soul and brings one closer to the realm of purpose in life, and, indeed, the purpose for which each one was created. This ladder takes us away from the distractions of outer life to the quiet zone of eternity.

Furthermore, connecting with your soul, with your inner voice, is essential for your health and well being, physical and mental. Our bodies are not designed to withstand noise and distraction at the level we’re currently experiencing. That is even truer if you live in a busy urban area. You need to withdraw and give yourself a break on a regular basis. That does not mean that you need to go and sit in the woods for three days or meditate in a monastery to feel a benefit. Just a few minutes of deep breathing will help your soul to rebalance. Don’t worry if your mind continues to rattle through the day’s events, the duties on your list, etc. With time, you will be able to control your mind better. Be patient with yourself. 

If you take only a few minutes of silence, you will notice that it is never quiet. The absence of the noise from the outside world gets filled with a warm feeling of belonging, of hearing yourself, hearing your soul. And that is when your inner guidance, your sixth sense gains in strength over the noise of the ego and the outside world. Do not be distracted by the voice of the ego which can sound very similar to that of your higher self, or your inner voice, your sixth sense. Your inner voice is never judgmental of you. It is compassionate and loving. If you are not sure what voice you are hearing, just ask yourself “Is this really my deepest desire, my truth”. Also, always follow the very first thought or feeling you have. Your initial reaction is always that of your inner voice and never of the ego.

To accomplish a quiet mind find a quiet place and simply listen. What are you listening to? Everything and nothing, as you do not focus on any particular sound; you simply listen. Listen to your breath. Become very still. If thoughts are coming to your mind don’t try to drive them away, just let them go. Cease all physical and mental activity, and in an instant stop and listen. What do you notice? You may be aware that each sound has richness to it, which you had not distinguished before. Rather than the usual haze of background noise, you might clearly hear the hum of the refrigerator, separate from the sound of a passing car or, from the sound of an airplane flying overhead. Each sound may become more different, making you acutely aware of life around you.

More than just being conscious of the external world and its sounds, do the exercise again and notice how you feel this time. Does a sense of tranquility come over you? Tranquility, peace, and silence go hand-in-hand. As you listen, where are your thoughts? You have none. Where are your anxieties and concerns? Gone.

Again, stop, and with focused intent, listen. Are you aware of a silence behind the sounds? Are you aware of a silence behind the silence? The more you practice, the deeper the silence becomes. At some point you may notice that silence exists everywhere and sound and thought flow out from it. Silence is the background of all that is. Then you feel the unity of your inner self with the universe. There is only one and only one existence everywhere. The duality of existence vanishes. The basic truth of the unity emerges. You are now pacing through your inner path.

To enter silence is a goal of many meditations, but there is no need for an organized meditative practice just to stop, anytime of the day and wherever you are, and listen. It can be accomplished easily with a little focused intention.

Listening to silence is calming and peaceful to the mind and body, and is restoring youth to the nervous system. It can be practiced anytime and anywhere, and is a bracing for these noisy times in which we live.

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