The Grand Opening: The Self’s purpose & our resolutions

The Grand Opening: The Self’s purpose & our resolutions Posted on January 01st, 2011 by in General with [fetching…]

As we hit 2011 tonight we are also releasing The Self. I want to properly introduce what The Self is about and what resolutions for this brand new year we’ve set to it.

The Self’s concept is to become a strong voice in psychedelic culture in trying to bring psychedelics to the mainstream. We want to reverse the general view of psychedelics from “drugs” to medicine. We are here to educate and inspire in the use of psychedelics.

So who are we?

We are a group of experienced shamans and individuals who are on the path to enlightenment and wish to share what we know to a more massive audience. With your help, we can spread the knowledge that lies only within the psychedelic and spiritual realms.

We will cover an array of topics here at The Self, including but not limited to:

  • Psychedelic Trip Guidance
  • Psychedelic Explanations
  • Spirituality
  • Meditation
  • Personal Growth

And in spirit of the New Years we are absolutely going to list our resolutions for The Self. At the end of 2011, into the exciting 2012 year, we will go over and see if we’ve met them. Realistic goals and expectations are necessary of course.

New Years Resolutions for The Self

  • To get the ball rolling with partnerships with MAPS and other ventures
  • To acquire a well-rounded, stable community of deep thinkers and newcomers alike
  • To teach many and to meet many people
  • To further expand our own knowledge on psychedelics and spirituality
  • To hold deep, intellectual conversations at least once a week post-initial startup on The Self

We’ll come back to these resolutions at the start of the interesting year 2012. We’re going to work hard to provide valuable content to the psychedelic community and hopefully become a main source for various informations.

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10 responses to “The Grand Opening: The Self’s purpose & our resolutions”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lets all start this year off in a grand fashion 🙂

  2. Great stuff! Layout is simple and elegant, the images are abstract yet precise…. the resolutions are GREAT. love them… love this site…. i’m totally excited to see how “” grows!

  3. Rich says:

    Awesome website. For some reason, there aren’t many websites like these to collaborate on psychedelic self-help related ideas.

  4. Grant says:

    This is officially my home page. i can not stress enough how much this generation needs a psychedelic revolution. we need to get the word out there. i will do anything to help you guys out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Awesome and glad to hear. We definitely agree that this generation, and the world itself, needs some eye-opening experiences. You can always help by telling your friends about us, giving us any suggestions, or if you have some ideas you can always contact us at (temporary, but it will do)

      Perhaps we can have some deep conversations 🙂

  5. Troy says:

    I would like to discuss issues and ideas found at the web-site: It is by fa the most profound web-site I have ever come across.

  6. Troy says:

    The ego death theory holds that the essence and origin of religion is the use of visionary plants to routinely trigger the intense mystic altered state, producing loose cognitive-association binding, which then produces an experience of being controlled by frozen block-universe determinism with a single, pre-existing, ever-existing future.

    Experiencing this model of control and time initially destabilizes self-control power, and amounts to the death of the self that was conceived of as an autonomous control-agent. Self-control stability is restored upon transforming one’s mental model to take into account the dependence of personal control on a hidden, separate thought-source, such as Necessity or a divine level that transcends Necessity.

    Myth describes this mystic-state experiential insight and transformation. Religious initiation teaches and causes this transformation of the self considered as a control-agent, through a series of visionary-plant sessions, interspersed with study of perennial philosophy. Most modern-era religion has been a distortion of this standard initiation system, reducing these concepts to a weak interpretation that is based in the ordinary state of consciousness. The ego death theory is, specifically, the Cybernetic Theory of Ego Transcendence, and it incorporates the entheogen theory of religion.

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