The Source of Truth

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“Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with truth.”

 – Thich Nhat Hanh


Since the beginning of human existence, teachers/gurus have pointed the direction where the truth can be found. Real source of truth for man is a subjective matter and cannot be one for all.  The truth should be divided to subjective truth that is common to most of the human beings and the objective truth that only the enlightened human beings like Buddha, Jesus and other saints are able to see.

The subjective truth continues to change in a person with the development of thought and the awakening of consciousness. The personal source of truth is influenced by faith and the depth of his practice and his dedication to his faith followed. The real source of truth lies in our inner self-consciousness which is eternal. Consciousness is dormant in the current state of selfishness and the degree of selfishness varies in individual persons. Real source of truth cannot be achieved by integrating with your head thinking and selfishness.

Therefore, many wars were initiated by human beings while each side claims to hold the justice torch. This situation caused mutual injuriousness.

So the subjective truth is different from person to person and ever changing while the objective truth is common to all creation and never changes.

Where is the source for the objective truth?

The first source of all truth and all manifestation is the eternal being-God.

However, God is in the unmanifested state beyond time and space, and only his manifestations appear as projections in the three-dimensional world. The unawakened human being cannot grasp this unmanifested state.

The fact that even the most primitive man has a concept of God shows that divine consciousness is dwelling within him, even though only very dimly and to the lowest degree. On the other hand, to become conscious in God, to understand God completely, and to be God means to become completely one with one’s own divine self, with the God dwelling within.

Man has fallen out of his divine consciousness; he can only imagine God in accordance with his own personal power of understanding. How can he know what the real, living divinity is like in its perfection when his power of imagination only corresponds to the level he personally stands on, separated as he is from unity, and having fallen as he has from divinity? How can the finite understand the infinite, the mortal the immortal, the temporal the eternal? … How can an imaginary being understand, experience and become identical with the eternal, true being- God?

Still man must reach him! His eternal desire, his unquenchable longing, helps him and propels him forward in the direction of his divine self.

Man’s intellect-the greatest but most dangerous gift he has received from God, builds a bridge across the seemingly unconquerable chasm, between that which is personal and mortal and that which is impersonal and eternal.

Through man’s intellect, he succumbed to the temptation to fall out of divine unity with his consciousness.

The truth must be understood by means of man’s intellect, and when he has understood, he will seek and keep on seeking and trying until he someday succeeds in finding the only path to the realization of his self.

What is the meaning of realization?

Realization means being something. For as long as we think about something or talk about it, we are not being it. You can think about a cat, or about a lion, but that does not mean by any manner of means that you have achieved realization that you have become a cat or a lion. Likewise, you can think about yourself without being your divine, creative self! To think something is to be separated from it, for if you send out a single thought, you-the thinker-are connected only by thinking with the object of your thought. You are connected with it, but not identical with it.

You are not yet that which is in your intellect. Your intellect belongs to you; it is an excellent tool, a mirror into which you can project everything and in which you can recognize everything, but your intellect is not you! The intellect is outside yourself. Consequently what you can do with your intellect is not represents yourself, is not achievement of realization. When man seeks God outside himself, he can often be “thinking” about God, he can be “praying” to God, he can be “loving” God with his whole being, but all this does not mean he has become identical with God. For man can never find God by seeking outside himself!

The creator in man is man’s own self whose last manifestation, farthest from his own center, is his little “I”, his personal “I-consciousness”, the personal “I” within him is the image of God mirrored by matter-in the body.

Thus, when man seeks to return to God and re-establish his identity with him, he must follow the same path with his consciousness: he must draw his consciousness more and more from his own little personal “I”-deeper and deeper into himself-turning to his own true self, to his creator until he consciously recognizes himself in Him. This does not mean that the creature-the person-recognizes itself in this condition. As an imaginary being, it has no true existence and cannot achieve self-knowledge. On the contrary, the creator recognizes himself in the created, in the person. This is the only possibility for overcoming the state of separation and bringing the consciousness back into the state of unity: the individual stops thinking about himself and instead becomes himself, recognizes himself. In this condition, the recognizer, the recognized and recognition are one and the same. The self-the creator-recognizes it is self in itself! At this point, the human being can experience the objective truth as being the truth.

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