The Health Benefits of Meditation

The Health Benefits of Meditation Posted on August 11th, 2013 by in General, Personal Development with [fetching…]

Whether you are taking the first step in your spiritual journey or have been pursuing enlightenment for years, embracing silence and stillness is integral to awareness. Rather than fearing the silence, as so many people do, accept that silence as part of the process to deeper awareness. Taking time to be silent comforts the heart, clears the mind and opens you to a profounder understanding of yourself. Accessing the inner voice for guidance instead of being distracted by the cacophony of outer noises allows the truth to be heard. By seeking out moments of stillness and quiet, you are able to reach into the depths of your soul for inner guidance. With enough exposure to necessary silence you will reach tranquility as well as your higher self. Let the silence erase anxieties and concerns.

As with all journeys, it begins with one small step. Embrace silence through the daily practice of meditation. Begin by finding a quiet place and simply listen with focused intent to silence outer distractions. Then learn to expand individual consciousness and to listen to yourself with this infographic from Skin Energizer. Let the infographic guide you through basics on encouraging and generating silence from within. The more you practice, the more accessible your inner voice and truths will be.

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