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People have an unfortunate tendency to dismiss out of hand what they don’t understand and energy healing is no exception. Even when the evidence is staring scientists in the face, they still choose not to investigate. It could be said that the whole point of sciences that if something exists, and then it should be examined surely. Happily, there are increasing numbers who can open their minds to the benefits of other ways of making a journey through life, and don’t make assumptions before they have seen healing in action.

Those who use organized religion as a way of finding comfort and strength will be the first to agree that when you believe in something strongly enough, it does have the power to help. Their power comes from God, and energy healing is not so different in that the power to heal comes from life forces created by something much bigger than any of us can truly comprehend.

So it seems healers can assist the speeding up of the recovery process, and lessen the side effects of medical treatments. They can relive stress and ensure clients need to take fewer pills to get them through. Illness survival rates can increase. The question is, are we looking at a well-organized energy healing fraud? There has yet to be one report published which proves that healing does not work, and there are plenty of eminent researchers who say that yes, there is something in it.

The real work to do is not to dismiss energy healing, but to study why it works. How is it that a healer can channel energy and make a person better? Why do positive thoughts make such proven a difference to the way a sick person recovers? There is deep and meaningful healing work being done every day, in every country in the world, and the message is spreading.

Our body is pure energy but our mind can’t realize it.

We cannot see this energy. We can feel it through spiritual experience like meditation or holistic healing experience like the Reiki practice.

I would like to present an example for our body energetic structure with the following Chakra Chart: Meanings Of The Seven Chakras.

Check out the Chakra Chart below to understand better your chakras that constitute the Energy Healing:


Chakra Chart

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