A Far Out Trip -Psilocybin Mushrooms Experience

A Far Out Trip -Psilocybin Mushrooms Experience Posted on May 05th, 2017 by in General, Personal Development, Psychedelics with [fetching…]

By: April Defrancesca Loney

To say that my first time using psychedelics was awesome is a huge understatement. It all started earlier last week when Jack and I decided we would do this together. Initially, I was apprehensive, but as the week went on, I got more and more excited until on Saturday, I thought I would burst with anticipation.

We started off the evening by eating some grilled chicken caesar salad and relaxing. Around 9:30 it was time. We each ate our dose with a huge orange juice chaser. “See you on the other side,” Jack said as he swallowed his last mouthful. We sat around for a couple of more minutes and drank more of our orange juice. “Why don’t we fill the floor up with pillows?” I suggested. “Okay, but let’s do it now before these things start to kick in,” Jack said.

We went into the living room and pulled all of the couch and chair cushions out, and brought them into the hobby room and put them on the floor. Both of us piled onto the cushions and laid there. By then, I was experiencing a pleasant but faint sense of euphoria. Coincidentally, around the same time, Jack remarked, “I think I’m starting to feel it.”Me too,” I replied with the sudden urge to burst into a fit of giggles “How about some music?” Jack asked, moving towards the computer. “Sounds good to me, “I said, still laying on the pillows. After he started the music, he laid back down on the pillows next to me. As we lay there, I began to have all sorts of silly thoughts, and finally, unable to contain myself any longer, I burst into a fit of uncontrollable giggles. Unfortunately for Jack, this laughing fit was contagious and it wasn’t long before he too was consumed by the laughter. As we lay there gasping for air, Jack remarked, “Boy, someone’s sure dropping some giggle bombs,” which sparked off another fit of hysterical laughter.

As we lay there gasping for air, Jack looked over at me and said, “You know what my favorite word is?” “Uh-uh,” I said, too winded to reply with anything more. “Giggle,” he said. “It’s a funny word. Gi…ggle. ” I responded by succumbing to a fit of laughter. All of a sudden I rolled back over to face Jack and said in my best voice of authority, “Who has been dropping giggle bombs in here?!”Jack and I erupted into a massive fit of giggles. “I thought I said NO giggle bombs in here EVER,” I said in between fits of laughter. All the while, Jack laid there, laughing uncontrollably. By that time, we were both feeling the effects, and the music set the perfect mood. We lay there for a bit in each other’s arms, listening to the music and enjoying the sensations coursing through our bodies. “Hey you know what?” I asked. “Huh,” Jack replied. “These pillows are like a raft, and your white carpet is a sea of milk!” I said. “Yep, sure is!” Jack said which resulted in yet another fit of laughter. We lay there a little while longer, listening to the music and enjoying each other’s touch.

As we lay there in each other’s arms, I started really listening to the music. I closed my eyes, and felt my spirit move to a place unlike anything I’ve ever known. I watched all the pain I have endured over the years spill out of my body, in spheres of deep blues and greens, and felt my heart twist as I watched it seep out, spilling everywhere. For a few moments as I watched it pour out, I felt such sadness and hurt, and then I watched the spheres bounce up into the sky and dissolve in a bright light and all of a sudden my body felt light, lighter than it has ever felt. I was consumed by a happiness defined by colors of purple, and pink, and white, and I felt like I was on top of everything, like I owned it all. I felt at that moment like I was enlightened, and everyone not there with me was in the dark. I felt sadness knowing they weren’t enlightened too, but at the same time I knew it was by their own choice.

I became aware that my body was entwined with Jacks, and as I lay there, I literally felt like I was one with him. At that moment I knew that my spirit had found its companion, and my eyes filled with tears at the happiness and comfort I felt with that knowledge. Then the thought struck me. What if, this WAS reality, and the day to day living that we do was just a farce?

I lay there and wondered how I went through life never realizing that I had a spirit self, and how I could have ever been skeptical that my spirit self existed. I had spent so much time wrapped up in the outer shell that housed my spirit that I had never really thought about what my inner spirit looked like. And I had no idea that I was that fucking beautiful. This beautiful display of my inner self was mind blowing. I truly had no idea my inner self was so seductive, so addicting, so sweet.

At this point, my thoughts were really racing. I realized all at once that this body of mine was just a shell, a housing unit for the soul inside, and that it was necessary for me to take care of the physical self in order for my mental and spiritual self to endure. I also became aware that every being on Earth, every single living being, was connected. We were all one. I was connected to the entire fucking universe. This to me was a mind blowing realization. The fact that I had never made this connection before was beyond all of my reasoning. At this moment, everything I had ever questioned made sense, and I had the answers for everything.

Soon after that, my mind shifted, and I was once again aware of the fact that Jack and I were literally wrapped in each other. Laying there in his arms, I felt like our bodies molded into one being, and that our spirits were content being wrapped into each other. My heart held so much love for him at that moment, and to this point in my life, it was one of the most emotionally profound moments I have ever experienced.

A while later, as Jack and I lay there listened to the music, I realized that I was back to the same old farce we call life. I looked over at Jack, thinking about all the realizations I had made about my existence and the universe as a whole, and smile. “What?” he asked. I thought for a minute, trying to find the words. “I want to tell you so very much,” I said, my heart practically bursting with emotion for him, “but I just can’t find the words.” Slightly bewildered, I sat there trying to verbally express the intensity and spirituality of my realizations. “It’s ok,” he said, “I understand.”

Reluctantly, we both eventually got up and put the pillows back where they belonged. Me with a pleasant euphoria related to deep enlightenment, and I’m sure the same was with Jack. We crawled into bed around 4 am, and the last thought I had before falling asleep was how lucky I was to have experienced something so profound with someone I love so much.

So that is what my experience was like. And like I said in the beginning, to me, the word awesome is an understatement.


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