What Meditation Means and Why It’s Important

What Meditation Means and Why It’s Important Posted on November 30th, 2017 by in Enlightenment, Personal Development, Spirituality with [fetching…]

Prayer is talking with God or with your own Higher Self, whereas meditation is listening for the answers

What is it that we all want from life? It is joy and peace, and an absence of sorrow, suffering, and pain. We strive to alleviate sufferings, such as stress, worry, fear, illness, and pain; to find meaning in life; to gain relief from sensory overload or sensory overindulgence; to find inner peace.

Are you not satisfied with your present life? Are you dreaming that someday you will be able to live a rewarding life? Perhaps you’re aspiring for a stronger marriage or a better job, gratifying relationships, and a happier family life; whatever your wishes and intentions are, all those things are realizable.

Meditation can provide both short-term and long-term benefits. It includes better sleep, faster healing, less anxiety, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, stronger immune system response, and decreased use of alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.

Meditations can help you make the flow easier. It encourages trust so that things can naturally unfold in your life. Your awareness on how you control, resist or let go the flow of life is deepened.

Moreover, meditation is a natural being of our life. It is a sensation of joy and unity with all the creation. It is the essence of joy, enlightenment, and self-realization. Realization is not attained by going far, but only by staying still not by thought (intellection) but by cessation of thought.

Can you tell me more about man’s quest for joy?

Your everyday life is always crowded with routine demands from work, family, community, etc. Many people are easily tempted of fantasies because real life is sometimes uninteresting. The fantasies are based on the belief that material things possess the potential to bring joy. However, during intimate conversations with very affluent people, they have admitted that their wealth does not bring them joy.

Where should I search for joy? Why does not everybody meditate?

Keep in mind that life does not only revolve on easy things but also on complicated things as well. In fact, life always has duality or its pair of opposites such as pleasure and pain, sorrow and joy, success and failure, love and hatred, and others.

The ignorance prevents us from seeking joy where it is. There is a lure of Outward Happiness. The Universe is only a projection from and in the mirror of consciousness. We seek happiness in illusion world OUTWARD and only in rare moments of danger for our life, the death of a close relative, or tragedy in life we look at the place where joy is found, i.e., INWARD – Joy is within you. One aspect of meditation is joy but ignorance prevents searching inward.

How can I seek joy INWARD?

Looking inward does not mean looking inside our physical body but looking inside our energetic body since everything is energy. The energy that flows in the human body is dynamic and varying. Everything is an intelligent expression of life’s energy from planet movements, blood circulation, and others. Moreover, what you see, what you hear, what you think, and what you feel is all expressions of that energy flow. Our essence consists from special kind of energy i.e. conscious energy. The science and art of getting inward is called MEDITATION. It is a science because you need to know the underline principles of how to get there and it is an art because when you are there the joy is realized intuitively and the technique is unnecessary.

Meditation can give rise to a variety of experiences: joy, upliftment, tears, and strong emotions.

Sometimes negative emotions will come up, or unpleasant memories.

Meditation is like a mirror. It will help you to see both your strengths and your weaknesses.


Is it easy to meditate?

When you begin your endeavor of meditation, it is important to remember that there will be times of frustration. Meditation is not a magic pill that, once swallowed, will come easily and effortlessly. It takes practice and it takes patience as well as commitment.

It is hard to focus – In the beginning, you may have high expectations that meditation will magically transform your life and it will do so immediately. This is not the case. Meditation takes focus. When you find your mind constantly shifting gears and you are unable to sit quietly and focus on breathing, you need to regain control of that focus.

Thinking too much – If you are thinking too much about trying not to think too much, you will sabotage yourself.

Too many distractions – If you have not designated a quiet space for your mediation, chances are that you will not have a successful beginning.

Disregarding your commitment – In the beginning, when you do not entirely see the immediate results you may have anticipated, it is easy to ignore your duty.

Difficulty with the breathing rhythm – Sometimes individuals may breathe in too deeply and out too rapidly.

It is important

We firmly believe that meditation is a necessity in becoming whole as a human being. We have seen lives turned around 180° and living life to how they have always wanted to in a happy, sustainable way. We have seen many people’s awe of the enlightenment that this experience gives you.

Without meditation, we are potential slaves to the mask that covers our face in everyday life. Have you, reader, experienced meditation or would you like to? What was it like? Why would you want to do it?


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