The Cosmic Addiction

The Cosmic Addiction Posted on August 25th, 2011 by in Enlightenment with [fetching…]

Enlightenment draws everyone to it, even if you don’t know about it. Before we’re even aware of enlightenments “existence” we desire to be it. We re-word it, though, in terms like: “I just want to be happy”.

Truth is, we’re all addicted to enlightenment before & after an enlightening experience.


We desire something but we have no idea what it actually is. We use words like happy, joy, fulfillment but even those come short of the clarity of enlightenment.

It’s a constant draw to being one with the self, and then once you do realize enlightenments “existence” it clicks. You may deny it for a while, or simply thrust yourself into an experience that changes your life forever.


Or rather, after an enlightening experience. Enlightenment is simply here and now, there is no “after” enlightenment. But an enlightening experience is certainly real and very strong. Once you feel it, you are forever obsessed with it.

This is where I personally am. It’s difficult to stray from the enlightening path because it’s better than any other paths. It simply is. We have goals and milestones, but they aren’t the main course of life. The Experience is and it’s damn near impossible to say “no”.

However, there are a few things that we must see before we simply take every enlightening experience as we go.

Enlightenment Overdose

If you are going from experience to experience, you will not be able to maintain your fulfillment. You must give your energy time to rejuvenate itself after a strong enlightening experience.


Too much of a good thing always turns sour. This is why over-indulging yourself in anything can be dangerous and should be avoided. You need to take every experience and everything in your life in moderation. Even enlightenment.


It depends on how you reach your experiences. If you do it through medicine, then span it out every couple of months. Let the enlightening bliss be fresh, rather than forced. A forced bliss turns extremely boring very fast.

Either way you do it, you will always be drawn to it once you realize its existence. It’s too great to avoid and too great to ignore. Take control of these urges so that you may get full enjoyment from every experience & journey that you take.


Basically, enlightenment is addicting. Remember to take everything into moderation and you will be able to thrive instead of suffer from your own pleasures.

Bliss should be taken in moderation, for a life that is completely blissful lacks reality.

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