So You’ve Experienced Ego Death. Now What?

So You’ve Experienced Ego Death. Now What? Posted on January 11th, 2011 by in Enlightenment with [fetching…]

We covered ego death and what it is in “To Become Everything. What Ego Death Means and Why It’s Important” but we didn’t cover the after effects of ego death. There are multiple phases post-ego death and there isn’t a lot of help for people going through those phases.

However, we’re here to draw out some guidelines that should help you if you’re in these phases. Ego death may be instant but the results are not. How you handle your initial ego death will affect your life in the long haul.

The Next Day

After your initial experience you will still feel at awe. You may be confused, in shock and probably jaded. Your brain is quite tired and will be for at least 2 days after a strong experience. Right now, ego death is on your mind but you may not know what to think of it.

You’re thrown right back from experiencing enlightenment itself to your daily routine once again. It may be difficult to do these tasks without wondering if they are worth doing. At this point, however, you should relax and let your brain regenerate its resources that have been depleted by the psychedelic.

Contemplation on life, especially personal, starts to get very strong as we move forward into the first phase. Phases last about a week or two on average; however, some people will stretch or minimize phases depending on their personality.

The First Phase

The first phase starts off with a question like, “How was that even possible? Am I going crazy?” as you will be noticing that life is no longer the same. You will see your life without an ego for the first time and you may not enjoy what you see.

This is the phase where you are trying to blend what you just experienced into your daily life and you probably can’t do it for the majority of your daily routine. You might be doubting the experience itself, you might be thinking “it was just drugs” because, now that you’re sober, you’re “back to your logical being”.

Please keep in mind, however, that the ego death was caused due to those “logical thoughts”. Without those thoughts you would not have had to experience ego death, for you would have been ego-less. Also keep in mind that psychedelics are not just drugs — which you already know, yet you may wish to think that they are. You may also question your sanity, and believe that you are now insane.

There is also another side to this phase: the obsession with the experience. You may experience one side and go onto phase 2, but it is most common to experience both sides. You are divided into two pieces here; on one end, you wish to dismiss what has happened so you can get on with your life. On the other side you are drawn into it and wish to explore more.

Which side do you choose? Which way will you go? An interesting aspect to ego death is that the interest will stick with you for eternity. You will always look back on it, years ahead and beyond. Why? It is an enchanting experience and you do not let go of those.

So what do you do here, in the first phase? We had to learn that it was best to choose both. You must remain sober in daily life but you mustn’t let doubt, and thus your ego, reclaim its place inside of you. Accept your insanity, for insanity is natural sanity. Think about that one.

You are able to feel when your ego is presently active in your body. It is the rising feeling of judgement, anger, confusion, etc. It rides your emotional waves so that it can make decisions for you. A trick that may work for you is to focus on the left side of your body, is it tense? Then the ego is active. Simply push it down with your energy and keep it in place.

You can also concentrate on that area and use key words like “down”, “stop” or “cancel”. These words have obvious definitions and the ego will oblige for you are its master.

To end the first phase you must accept the fact that you are no longer the same as everybody else. You are now different because of what you’ve experienced. This does not make you superior, this does not make you wiser. This only makes you different.

You must accept this and continue on into the second phase, which is the reconstruction of your life in an organized fashion to meet your newfound needs.

The Second Phase

Here is the integration of the experience into your daily life. Now that you’ve accepted your newfound insanity you are most likely exhausted from all of the racing thoughts you had in the first phase. Your brain is coming back down to Earth and you are ready to start your new life — nervously.

The second phase is about actually attempting to merge the experience, and maybe the lifestyle, into your current life. You may be considering burning bridges or simply starting over. Write out all of your thoughts and ideas in this phase, and look them over in a few months time. See if they still apply to you then. Rash moves right now are inadvisable.

This is a relatively calm phase, but you may slip back into phase one if you are not careful. All you have to do is move forward and try not to be drawn into questioning your own sanity, or having any self-doubt about the experience. Self-doubt is the only thing that can get in your way right now.

From here, your life is your oyster as you make your choices carefully. This is a tightrope between doubt and confidence. Stay confident, although that is easier said than done.

To stay confident you must constantly watch your actions for the remainder of this phase. You must be on top of your self at all times in order to make the choices that you want to make so that you may redefine who you are. It will get tiring, but do not lighten up until you know that it is at least relatively automatic. This process is usually 2 to 3 weeks.

When the going gets rough, as they say, look into the mirror and remind yourself of why you are doing this. It is because you saw the truth and you want to live with the truth, rather than ignoring the truth. You want something out of yourself so you must take it.

The Third Phase

The third phase is simply the end of the second phase and it becomes very easy and automatic to be what you wish to be. You are more in control of where you go from here, for you have a wider choice to either fail or succeed now.

Your curiosity will peak again and you will revisit the psychedelic realm multiple times but this time, with full confidence as you know what to expect and you now have the knowledge to not let you question yourself.

The third phase is for when you figure out a way to integrate the truth into your life, and you’re living it fully. You know that the journey will not end, for it only has a beginning. You know the truth and you will most likely teach people of what you know — although not many will understand, you still get enjoyment from repeating the truth.

You will be in this phase for the rest of your life with many different subphases of the journeys that you take within this phase. Enjoy your life, remember the truth and be conservative about your lifestyle choices. Keep yourself happy, healthy and well-put together.

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  2. ham says:

    This article is so useful. I think you should put ”Rash moves right now are inadvisable.” in bold haha, wish I had listened more to that bit.

  3. AJ Ward says:

    I found this article immediately after experiencing ego death. My experience was absolute. It is permanent. I will never be the same because I chose not to be. This article helped me immeasurable with coming to terms with what happened. This is a spiritual milestone. The penultimate religious experience. An ego death takes you all the way to the beginning, and it is the most humbling and beautiful experience a soul can have. Seek ego death. And die to yourself willingly, embracing the experience of letting go. That which can only be experienced can only be approximated by this:
    the underlying truth that we are all One being. And therefore by loving others, we are loving ourselves.
    “Love your neighbor as thyself” because, my beloved, your neighbor IS you.

    Go in peace.

  4. Gillian says:

    Thank you for your article. I AM currently going through true ego death and ascension. It is different than your article as it is not drug induced. I’m being guided by my twin flame in spirit and ego death is disgustingly difficult. It is not just one experience which leads to true ego death, yet many. The ego runs very deep and when it is truly dead there is nothing left to surpress. You are finally out of the prison cell which blocks the full experience of feeling true love. Ego is like a ping pong. It allows you to feel a little, but then prevents you from fully letting go and experiencing pure joy. For me, I had to first experience kundalini awakening, then a psychedelic experience which was induced through meditation not drugs. I saw the faces of hundreds if not thousands of past lives or alter egos over my face in the mirror. Now I’m slowly accessing ascension energies through my crown Chakra and learning to kill the ego by recognizing it, acknowledging it and attempting not to react to it. It is very tedious and honestly, it’s a very unique experience which no one on earth has yet to fully complete. True ego death is complete liberation from the ego and full integration of one’s highest self. Also known as achieving Christ Consciousness and enlightenment. This can never be drug induced by any means and will always occur in divine timing. Love and light always!

    • Xavier $ says:

      How is this achieved without drugs? Its impossible to explain (or understand) how I had my initial enlightening experience on LSD, so I’m sure you can only offer minimal guidance that I can comprehend. But I had an overwhelming feeling that the Godhead was incredibly upset with me for visiting on drugs. It wanted me to be there naturally. I have heard meditation is the key but I don’t fully comprehend what that means. I completely lack the ability to clear my head… I had a small breakthrough. And could really use a point in the right direction.

  5. Juha Friberg says:

    Good artickle. I have still something to add. I don’t want to be a party pooper though. My point is only to inform that there’s much more out there. Simulated, the most deepest ego death you can ever reach and experience is a life changing wonderful thing. The fact still is that while you have melted with eternity your body is still alive. Your brains are working strongly active way and they affect the thing from background and it is clinically easy to measure. When brains are involved in any way they will always dirt the real thing. If you experience THE THING your heart stops, your breathing stops and your brains stops. You have a Code Blue. A Flat Line. The Real Thing. What you can reach through manipulating your living brains can be sort of same to real thing but never can have the full possibility to have the purest access what you can have in NDE. Ego death or breaking through is becoming one in one frequency of consciousness. This is impossible to explain in words using brains of ape but I try to anyway. Eternity is infinity and can be experienced in oneness. All what was and will ever be is infinity of eternity of consciousness and it’s clear and the ultimate truth. Well, sorry guys, it is not. It is a starting point. It is one of all. Only a one expression of Creation within multiple others. If you had a Near Death Experience, the real deal, you knew how much more wider the Creation can be than experiencing the oneness with living brains contaminating the thing. How ever your enlightenment is genuine it will stay ruined via brains. Always. That is the reason the Creation can show only a limited version of it self when even severe hits of 5Meo are involved and OBE experienced. Even the real thing, NDE itself, can’t be necessarily straight access to the Creation. Many NDEr can’t exist any further than the standard oneness of enlightenment. Nevertheless, many of them have exceeded the highest level of what Buddha found. There are multiple eternities after staging post Nirvana. With a living body via your brains your eternity will be the one and once you experienced it you have seen a trick of consciousness. Only without a living body with died brains the Creation can be seen as it is. The enlightenment isn’t the end. It is a playschool dimension. It is the beginning. Consciousness as one isn’t all there is. There is more. Much more. Don’t underestimate the power of Creation. I end saying: Don’t have a nice trip. Have a profound NDE!
    J Friberg

    • Ariane juliet says:

      I strongly believe I experienced ego death the other night, but my experience is.. a little bit more than I expected. I gained some repressed memories (all jumbled; apparently due to disassociation as a child during those events), and on one hand it’s incredible bc all of my irrational fears and dislikes are starting to make sense, but on the other hand, of course, my entire life feels like a lie. Having been shaped so totally by a terrible experience, and to NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT, is very earth shattering. I finally experienced a safe enough environment while in a far different mindset for my brain to let me into the space that I blocked off.
      HAS ANYONE ELSE dealt with this????? I’m trying so hard to think of it as positive, but I feel like an alien in my skin. I had no idea I was abused in childhood, but I did know I had a hard upbringing.
      If anyone can offer me insight, or how to deal with this, please, please email me; I made a quick account just to post this and I haven’t got my confirmation email.

  6. Probably as "Okariin" ? No. says:

    I see people say spiritual a lot. For lack of better words, fine. I had ego loss/ego death. I now picked up my guitar again, haven’t played for 15 years. and leaving for Los Angeles from Mississippi with my guitar and support from my parents. I used to be terrified at the idea of leaving home. I am not scared or doubtful. I am fortunate that I had no life and no friends. I am full of confidence. I did not have some trippy 60’s ego death deal that I see so many people speak about. I just looked down at my arms and felt like 2 people sharing the same brain as I said to myself several times. My thoughts feel separate from my brain/body. I did not have to “let go” or “die to myself willingly.” (??? Can I has some?) I’m sitting in my driveway. I wonder how this is going to post. Probably as “Okariiin” ?

  7. Xavier $ says:

    Perfect explanation. Wish I had found this earlier as I am working through the end of stage 2 and could really have used the whole “you aren’t insane” speech a few weeks ago.
    To some of the above comments, you will know when this happened. I did a lot of research on the experience I had and heard it compared to Satori or Seeing the Manifold. But this is the best description. And it is perfect. You will know once you’ve had this.
    To those asking how to make it happen, just keep asking. That desire helps a lot. I’ve been searching for the meaning of life forever and it came on a relatively small dose of LSD and I am not a novice. Keep trying to put all the pieces together AND SEE FROM ALL PERSPECTIVES. That was how I broke through. Also tripping with my best friend who is almost like a twin. But he’s also completely different. That Yin and Yang helped a lot.
    As far as the experience. You meet God. I didn’t speak with her or anything, just felt her. I put all the pieces of the full perspective together, saw a very bright trippy light (not a visual) and started sobbing happy tears. Had been an atheist since 16 and when I say up, the first words I spoke were “I believe in everything.” I was so overcome with a sense of unity. We are absolutely all one. I spoke to my friend as we. He was I, I was him, we were one, and it was beautiful. But let me advise you.. The end of this is right. I think I am on a path to embrace myself more than ever before, and I feel better than ever before. But it changes you and will make you feel a STRONG disconnect from society. I’m only a month in. And its tough. Drugs are the forbidden fruit. Tread lightly.
    The Golden Rule is everything. Google “The Egg by Andy Weir” and remember what life really means. I love you all.

  8. Raul says:

    Wish I had known such things earlier. I went through this phase for 4 years and had no knowledge of what’s happening to me. The people who pushed me into this never told me what exactly was happening to me and no doctor could diagnose what was wrong with me. Thank you for the word “sane” because there were several times in nearly all the days when I used to feel “insane”.

  9. ReUn says:

    I never found any information like this after my ego death experience, however I went through all these phases and feel like I made all the right decisions similar to what’s described in this guide. A month later I revisited the trip again and although it wasn’t as intense it felt like a second half being more reflective of the prior experience of initial ego death.

  10. Corrine says:

    I experienced an ego death that completely changed my mindset and opened myself up to my feelings. I lost a sister when I was 5 and never truly dealt with the feelings of loss which ended up shaping me. I would push negative feelings away and only embrace the good ones and looking back, it wasnt even close to true joy. I went into my trip with a clear goal to get closure and some people say they felt god but I felt my sister. The feelings of unity triggered a change for my whole life. During my trip I felt every emotion I suppressed but also feelings of pure happiness which I realized I couldnt obtain before. Take care of yourself and keep yourself happy but dont neglect your responsibilities. Remember the important things and people in your life. You are loved. When your mind takes you to uncomfortable places, remain calm and embrace what you’re body wants you to feel or think about. If you dont let yourself feel what you need to, you wont be able to live your best life.

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