Reflections on the path of God realization

Reflections on the path of God realization Posted on November 01st, 2017 by in Enlightenment, Personal Development, Spirituality with [fetching…]

Slowly the path and its practices free us from our negative tendencies

And give us access to more and more of our light, more of its consciousness

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

The spiritual path is a process extending for many lifetimes from an ignorant human being that vulnerable to suffering until the final goal of God realization. No one urges us to wake up from the dream and realize the truth but it apparently rooted deep in our essence.

There must be an overpowering desire for it. Intentionally or unintentionally there must be an all-consuming craving for God that flows continuously within the Self. Just as a mother attends to the house work while carrying her child, so too must you think ceaselessly of God while going through your daily life. If this is ever disturbed due to your other preoccupations, on remembering you should feel repentant and confess. Then the thought of God will increase within you by the day. You have to remember that the only true thought is the thought of God. One should talk to others only when needed; one must restrain one’s desire to talk as well as to listen to others. There is, however, no negative impact in discussions that increase one’s contemplation of God. Indeed these must be encouraged as they can eradicate self-doubt.

Also you should realize that the more you meditate on the Supreme, the sharper will be your capacity for judgment and discrimination, revealing what is beneficial and leading you towards greater purity of thought. You will then find that your attraction for the world as perceived through the five senses is decreasing while you remain immersed in the contemplation of God. If you are striving to maintain purity of thought, the first sign of progress will be that no person or thing will ever rouse any adverse reaction in you, and gradually good qualities like truth, sacrifice, restraint, love, forbearance, patience, and endurance will increase within you. You will discover that the more you receive God’s Grace, the less different or alien other religious practices will seem, and you will begin to feel that they are but different ways of worshipping your own ‘Beloved’. This concept is analogous to the various roles which the same person plays in other peoples’ lives; for instance he who is My father may be another’s friend and yet another’s uncle. One calls him father, another friend and a third, uncle.

You must utilize your time fruitfully with ritualistic warship, prayer, meditation, japa (repetition of Mantra or a name of God), and kirtan (chanting or singing the names or glories of God). In the earlier stages, while you are striving to put your mind to spiritual matters, involvement with worldly activities is not supportive of your spiritual aspirations. Hence, combining these (the spiritual and the worldly) cannot yield fruitful results. At least for some time remain in seclusion and forget the external world, look into the realm of your inner mind and meditate ceaselessly upon Him. While engaged in this, take utmost care not to let any other thought enter the mind. Should anything occur to disturb this, then one must feel a deep sense of aversion towards it or else know that there still lingers within the self, some attachment to those thoughts.

The fragmented experience of the spiritual aspirant in his efforts to ceaselessly meditate upon Him gradually develops the awareness of a vast, complete and infinite essence that paves the way to progressive advancement and the hope of successful completion of one’s sadhana (spiritual practice for the purpose of preparing oneself for Self-realization), leading to ultimate revelation. Only the cessation of doubts transforms the spiritual aspirant into a precious jewel submerged in universal Self. Until this happens it is not possible to uproot one’s primary worship practices when setting out on the path of sadhana. Thus one finds that even all obstacles towards realizing the ultimate truth of one undivided existence are cleared by means of deliberation and logic, complete realization may still be absent as one can remain attached to the particular dynamics of one’s sadhana and become bound within the different boundaries of the divine mood/ inner feeling therein. Remaining at this stage and within such limits even in a state of being without doubts is not the same as being beyond all doubts.

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