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Have you ever walked away from a discussion with someone because the other guy has such a narrow minded attitude? They are unable or unwilling to see any other points of view than their own and it drives you mad. It is possibly the most frustrating thing in the world to try and explain stuff to someone who just dismisses the idea out of hand, without even trying to see that there can be different answers, which are equally valid. There are so many closed people in the world and for them the process of enlightenment is a difficult learning curve.

Some people associate enlightenment with being clever. One of the problems with having an argument with someone who is clever, is that they generally end up as the winner, even if they are still wrong. We see this all the time with politicians, who will argue night is day and get away with it, because they are clever with words.

You might know someone like that. But enlightenment isn’t about clever words. It’s about understanding the bigger picture and using that understanding to create a better world. Anyone can speak a load of high flown words, but the truly enlightened person
demonstrates what is right with actions. It may be the dedicated charity worker. It may be the parents who raise their kids in a happy environment. It may be a religious leader who lives according to the way they teach.Whatever they are and wherever they come from, an enlightened person knows that their actions have consequences and they use this knowledge for the benefit, not harm, of others.

So the next time you find yourself having an argument with someone who you know is off on the wrong track again, but they just won’t listen, make sure your actions speak for themselves and demonstrate a truly enlightened attitude, regardless of their clever words. There is no deeper spiritual reward than seeing the results of your actions help others.

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