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This date has now become a marker for many thinkers to ponder upon. The tide is equalized with both the scientists and the hopeful of what is to become, if anything. Some of you may even swat away the very thought or idea of 2012.

Despite your efforts to dismiss the topic or to engulf yourself in, you may still be confused or uncertain as to what will happen. There is no certainty here, but we must leverage our logic and our belief systems well to get anywhere in this topic.

My Own Experience

I had posted an article on The Self describing a God Experience. I left out bits of detail because of my own uncertainty but, despite that uncertainty, I am now ready to unleash those details.

Within the experience, in the 2D planes of the deep voice, it was surrounded by 2012. I had not been at all interested in the topic beforehand, but it was now the focus of my existence.

I was told of the “meaning” and was reminded as to how many connections my life has had with it. I have been surrounded by not only the number, but the metaphors that go along with it.

As the entity (God, if you may) was speaking to me through me he described, very clearly, what it was. He described the “cycle” that I mention in the above article, which is the re-birthing process of life & man, was to begin again. This was what 2012 is, he explained.

Every life-cycle ends at 2012, and we have been doing this for a very long time. We have been reset and reliving our lives for quite a while now. Eternity is a word that could be used to describe just how long we have been alive for.

Each being on Earth has a unique purpose, big or small, and it all co-creates the universal story of life itself. Once the story is finished we will find ourselves having to restart again and live the beautiful story of life again.

The date 2012 is that general time frame, of when we will reset. How it happens is still a mystery, it could be instantaneous or a domino effect of disaster which forces us to re-build and re-learn once again.

The story of life is the religious story itself — without the humanistic additions. The experience was heavily “Christian” based, but he did seem to reinforce that Christianity is only “so-right” and that it must be changed in order to be actually right. He also reinforced that most religions are the very same, just different ways of exploring and explaining the same thing; it was quite odd for an atheist to be listening to.

We are all co-authors to life and everything that we think, feel and do helps write it out to completion. And because there is never really an end (see: death), it just must be reborn. Life acts just as man does, once a man dies, he is reborn.

The major enlightenment representatives, he said, were to be coming back and fixing what went wrong with the too-common delusions of Godliness in these representatives. The representatives will be the major/semi-major religious “main characters” and story lines.

The Buddha, Ghandi, Muhammad, Jesus and the like will all resurface with their respective stories to go on. This will go unnoticed, for the most part, until the story starts to really finalize.

In retrospection

To this day I can’t necessarily disprove what was said, but I can still point out things that I can prove. Family-connections that align these ideas with myself and others, are all too obvious to simply dismiss. But I do tread lightly, for now, for faith is meant to be silent.

Looking back at the experience from now I still hold all the lessons dear and find them coming up through life as time moves on from there to now. The disasters we hear of now all ring bells and whistles, and the people I meet, too, ring the same.

There are many variables but only one constant: the self. Truth is, for the most part, very relative. You will not find any absolute truth outside of yourself for a very long period of time. Everything must change, just as Albert Einstein tried so hard to push unto us.

Think about this for your self

Through your self, concentrate and dismiss, disregard and imprison all of your beliefs. Go freely without any set-in-stone behaviours and see where it takes you. Just for 15 minutes. Ask yourself about how the world is changing, how you came upon this article and this website, and where your place is in the story of life.

The disasters happening today may not be the worst they’ve ever been, they may not even be as frequent as they seem, or even as disastrous as they appear. But one thing is for complete certain: our consciousnesses are in affect to these disasters much more than they’ve ever been.

As consciousness creates life, and your reality, this is where it lies. As the majority of people are worried, the universe is worried. As we move forward, the realizations are taking place and prophecies are happening before our very eyes. Start looking for them and you will find them — just as if you start to look for evil, you will find evil.

Everything seems to exist & still co-exist. Imagine that.

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