An unsettling push. Your purpose is before you.

An unsettling push. Your purpose is before you. Posted on February 02nd, 2011 by in Enlightenment with [fetching…]

Ones purpose becomes very clear to him or her when they undergo an intense experience. These experiences could be psychedelic, near-death, the loss of something or someone important or even the events of something grand happening.

When we discover our purpose, we expect that we will live for our purpose and our purpose alone; yet that is hardly the case. You do not need to live for it, that is up to you, but your purpose will manifest itself with or without your consent.

What is your purpose?

You already know your purpose, so asking what it is isn’t really the question. You know your purpose on a subconscious level, for it is embedded into you. The real question, then, is “how can I find out my purpose?”.

How you find out your purpose is up to you, and there are a few non-intensive ways to do it, too. You probably get a feeling in your gut about your purpose, and that is you knowing it already. It’s just forming it into words that is the tricky part. You need to overcome this and accept your purpose, for it will bring more fulfillment than not.

A good exercise to finding ones purpose in life is to simply write. Get out a piece of paper and go down the lines writing down things that you enjoy and love to do most, in list format. Keep writing until it hits you. Once it hits you, write out what you’re really thinking. Do not filter it, just write it out as it comes to you.

Putting something metaphysical into language is a difficult task, but with this exercise it practically does it for you. The subconscious is constantly communicating with you, trying to give you hints as to what to do with your life, right now, and so on. So when your subconscious sees that you are ready for your purpose, then it will communicate promptly.

Truth doesn’t rest, because it wants to be out in the open.

What do you do with your purpose?

That is entirely up to you. You may find out that your purpose is unsettling and that you do not wish to dive head first into it. But you need to be cautious with that kind of approach, for your purpose will force itself into reality regardless of your will.

You can either let it happen peacefully, or fight it and let it explode. You do not need to dedicate your life to what you’ve discovered, only if you desire to do so. Your purpose is generally for a few specific things in certain places and times. You can feel when it is needed, or being called for.

You will feel very anxious and/or nervous and you will feel a more awake than usual, and this is a key hint that there is something that you need to do to help life progress forward. How you handle it is almost up to you — but life needs it to be fulfilled, and it will make it so; the hard way or the easy way.

Yes, life will manifest what it needs to be done without your knowing or your approval. Some people have gone homeless because they fought off what they need to do, and yet in the end they still do what they had to do. It just must be done in order for life to progress.

To have faith in yourself will get you far

When you put faith into what you must do, then you will do it will and life will reward you so. You will experience fulfillment and you will not go home empty handed.

Metaphysical obligations are hard to do because you “just don’t know”, but you do know. You know about it more than you do your childhood: it is you, it is who you are and it is who you have always been for all of eternity.

Accept what you must do, and do it when the time comes — the world needs every input in order to have a desirable output.

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