About Us

The Self was started in December 2010 with the goal to help revolutionize the viewpoints of psychedelics. The goals are to erase the confusion around psychedelics and to educate those who are interested, but feel constrained due to the societal misconceptions that surrounds them.

It hasn’t stopped at psychedelics, though. We want to go into spirituality, enlightenment, personal development and more. We want to hold meditation events so that people can see just how beautiful they are. We want to show people that enlightenment does indeed exist, right here and right now.

The Self is developed and is continuing to be developed by people who have undergone intense experiences that help them see beyond the day to day life. We are here, writing our hearts out, to share with the common folk to help them see that they are more than common folk.

We will continue this pattern and eventually, we will hold events and change people’s lives for the better. That is our goal, after all.